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Dismiss an alarm before it goes off, right from the notification bar

If you're running a device with Android 4.4 KitKat (Nexus 5 or a custom ROM at this point) and set an alarm in the stock Clock app, you'll be in for a subtle little treat. Google's latest Clock app, which has received yet another facelift with a little more eye candy, now notifies you two hours ahead of when your alarm is set to go off, letting you dismiss it before you're startled by that alarm tone. The notification is silent and subtle, with the option to swipe it away, tap "dismiss now," or tap to enter the Clock app.

It's not something that everyone will use — hopefully we're all sleeping swiftly through the night — nor is it something that we haven't seen from third-party apps before, but it's features like this that remind us Google is working on even the smallest details.

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theintention says:

I can't wait to test this out on my Nexus 5 that AC is sending me... Hopefully...

Ha... you and 8,000 other people.

theintention says:

So... You're saying there's a chance?

still1 says:


fuzzylumpkin says:

Yup, 1 in 4,000 apparently... People gamble with worse odds.

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theintention says:

No one got my Dumb and Dumber reference. Haha.

cporier91 says:


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Haha. I got it. Just late to the party. But in all honesty as competitions go 1 in 4,000 aren't that bad of odds!

mwara244 says:

To bad comment section doesn't allow pictures to be posted, could of put Jim's Character up too.

I have so many alarms set on my phone this is a very welcome feature. Can't wait to get Kit Kat on my N4!

Doesn't help if you keep telling Google Now to wake you in x amount of hours. Just kept adding alarms.

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mutestick says:

Can you customize the alarms? I use a specific loud one for certain alarms.

DGetz says:


I use my phone as my morning alarm and at least a few days per week I wake up before it goes off. I have to enter the app, turn off the alarm then remember to turn it back on that night or it doesn't go off the next morning.

This article put it just right, it's small, but very useful.

mkgarrod says:

But the problem with having a bunch of alarms is, leading up to the time the alarm is supposed to go off, the notification for all alarms become persistent. And refuse to go away. Quite frustrating.

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DroidDavi says:

I actually noticed that this morning pretty cool

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Tenjhai says:

I noticed it this morning as well and think it is an amazing feature. Before I got so paranoid I'd always check 3-4 times before bed every night to make sure I turned my alarm back on again, but this solves that problem!

RustyU says:

I've been using the crap out of this. Excellent feature.

silverfang77 says:

Will the Galaxy S4 get KitKat? I'm using a third party alarm clock app right now.

Impulses says:

It will, eventually, doesn't Samsung replace the stock clock app tho? Like HTC etc...

Kayone73 says:

Flash the Google Play Edition S4 rom on your phone and you'll probably get 4.4 much sooner and closer to what the Nexus 5 has

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littleemp says:

Probably, but there's no telling what Samsung will change on their Touchwiz Crapware.

NoNexus says:

Hey guess what? It can be changed. Gotta love Android

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jdot104 says:

I love that. I continually wake up 10 minutes before the time I set my alarms for.

seanjenkins says:

Except the one time you forget to set the alarm!

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Kayone73 says:

I have the 4.4 clock app on my HTC One custom rom, i noticed this new feature and it's quite nice. The new font for the clock and daydreams looks really good

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ajpri says:

Does the stock Alarm have a Smart Alarm feature, like in Samsung Touch wiz?

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mekrob says:

I could do this for the past 6 months with 4.2 so how is this new?

talonsmith says:

If my DNA doesn't get 4.4, I will seriously buy a new phone JUST for this feature. I never sleep till my alarm yet still hear it every day! Arghhh

You're going to have to buy a new phone then...

NoNexus says:

Sadly, this

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Eerth says:

You could also just download and install the apk:
Works great on my Android 4.3 phone

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Harvester01 says:

My nexus 7 had that this am for my alarm i snoozed but it is still on jb.

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Sachmojo says:

I love the new clock app, I never did quite get the design language of the Nexus 4 clock app, with the weird bold/non-bold fonts etc... and what was up with that red coloured text on the alarm page? It was so out of place that I think the designers must have been drunk at the wheel.

The new KitKat version is a massive improvement, I love the radial approach to selecting times etc.

ScottJ says:

I have an idea for a killer alarm clock feature. I may just have to finally get down to coding my own Android alarm app to make it a reality.

Anybody can code Android apps in search of a good app idea? I'd split the proceeds. I'm already a registered Android developer.

ajua says:

While I wait for 4.4 to arrive for the HTC One Dev/Unlocked version, can anyone tell me what swiping does? This article doesn't say but I guess it just makes it disappear, not dimisses the alarm, right?

"with the option to swipe it away, tap "dismiss now," or tap to enter the Clock app."

Swiping it away does the same thing swiping away any other notification does — nothing but get it out of the notification shade :P .

ekincaid says:

2 hours? WTH?

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JediMark says:

Agree.. 15 minutes beforehand maybe..

I can see myself missing tons of appointments because I accidentally dismissed the alarm trying to clean up the notifications list.

I'm really glad there are so many people out there who are so organised they can easily keep the next 2 hours ahead in their minds, but personally, I wish this feature could be turned off - It kind of defeats the purpose of needing the alarm in the first place!

IMokwithAT says:

Timely has that function. I love that app and will probably not go back to a stock alarm.

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wyldemf says:

Where in the settings is this option?

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prissysox says:

I just want my nexus 5

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dannyboy414 says:

My gawd yes! Now if they'll create dismiss all alarms button next to it. (Please tell me that I'm not the only person that sets up 6-8 alarms to make sure that I wake up.)

fuzzylumpkin says:

Well, 3 or 4 but yeah. I must be twice as good at waking up as you lol

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C0deM0nkey says:

3 alarms here - but all different devices (I've been seen to disable a single device without waking).
I use a clock radio (low volume) - 5 mins - ZBand (vibrating wristband) - 5 mins - Nexus 5.
But that's the price I pay for getting up at 5.40 every work morning.

HalizDad says:

My n7 and HTC one both have that feature on 4.3...this isn't new

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wagonis says:

This is actually a nice feature. I always have 3 alarms set be because I'm that bad at waking up but if I happen to wake up after the first or second alarm, I wait for the rest to go off so I can dismiss them, otherwise I'd have to go in and shut them off and then forget to turn them back off.

Mild inconvenience, but this feature remedies that. Neat! :-)

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charlesvw9 says:

You can use the 4.4 clock app if you download it from xda website. I am using it on s4 and everything works

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ylap says:

My Sony Xperia ZL 4.2.2 already has this feature.

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mickey4mice says:

Does that mean we won't see the annoying alarm icon on the notification bar until 2 hours before the alarm is set to go off?

peterfares says:

The icon is still there. It should be, you don't want an alarm accidentally going off on you. With vanilla Android there is still PLENTY of room on the status bar. Unlike TouchJizz vanilla realizes there's no reason to show AM/PM, network speed indicator doesn't need its own icon (part of signal bar). Also unlike AT&T-fucked ROMs there is no NFC ON icon nor does it waste 2 spots to show the word AT&T in the status bar. So there's plenty of room for notifications.

Impulses says:

Haha, no location services icon either (Sense)... I usually modded my Sense layout to knock one or two off (previously mentioned location icon, plus NFC and often the alarm one). Touchwizz sounds way worse tho.

In AT&T's defense, their tag usually disappears once you have any notifications, on most phones anyway; but yeah, I always found it ridiculous they were the only carrier to do that. I can understand physically branding the phone for recognition/marketing, but the notification bar? C'mon, how does that help them...

impu15ify says:

I noticed this on my Galaxy Nexus literally half an hour ago. Pretty nifty feature.

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Noticed this the other day after downloading the updated apps. Very nice feature.

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peterfares says:

I noticed this this morning. Thought it was pretty awesome.

sibeans says:

Can't wait for OTA!

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Jonneh says:

This is actually extremely useful for me! :-)

Daf L says:

Why not allow you to dismiss 23 hours before? I have a daily alarm set but if I have a day off work I would like to pause tomorrow's alarm only and not have to turn off the daily alarm as a whole.

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I get that on jelly bean with stock clock app?

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Wolfroid says:

Liking this option!

floriyann says:

Android central is wrong. Because actually Timely already has tha feature!!!

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I love this option. I hate when I wake up five minutes before my alarm and I've either gotta wait for it to go off or turn it off at the risk of not remembering to turn it on

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HalizDad says:

I use Gentle Alarm anyhow...But yes, this has been out a for a WHILE. It happens Andrew...did Jerry set you up?

David Horgan says:

I loaded this app on my S4. I love this new feature. Nice because of you wake up before your alarm, you can just dismiss it and not just shut it off.

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Smart. I like this feature a lot.

Sooo many times I wake up a minute or two before the alarm goes off, and it's too many swipes and taps to kill in advance.


MobileTrap says:

The visual battle between Android and Apple:

sequoia462 says:

This is actually really annoying on Moto X with Active Notifications. I don't need it flashing at me til it goes off!

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