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Small but important tweaks to make book, magazine and newspaper management simpler.

Amazon has pushed a small but notable update to the Kindle reader app tonight that adds two new features as well as performance improvements. Starting with this version 4.2.0 update, you will now have more options for sorting the items in your library including by recent purchases, title or author (A-Z or Z-A). Additionally, the update added a new feature showing the amount of time left to finish the current chapter or entire book (presumably based on your average pace).

Naturally the update includes "sync and stability improvements", although no specific fixes were mentioned. Kindle users should go ahead and snag the latest version from the Play Store link above.

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markbc says:

Great tip, Andrew, thanks!

Kindle App is good, but it really needed an update for file/content sorting! I need to update now!

This is very simple: Amazon Instant Video app or GTFO

Harsh? Maybe, but seriously Amazon this is ridiculous.

Marc11218 says:

What's GTFO?

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decypher44 says:

Get The F*** Out

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indianajonze says:

this. i've decided to personally ban amazon content until instant video is released for android. stopped doing any reading via the kindle app and everything runs through google play books these days. i spent good money on content in amazon's video store only to see it held captive by their stupid lack of support for an android app. fool me once...

_X_ says:

Yeah me too. I didn't so much boycott them, it's just an inconvenience dealing with Amazon.

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leadwind says:

Another Kindle feature they've gimped is the ability to set a preferred font. Just like instant video, that feature is available on iOS. Even adding Droid Sans as an option would make me happy...