iPhone leak

Our pal Rene at TiPB raises an interesting point: Look at how much of a nerdgasm has been created over these purported iPhone G4 (not iPhone 4G!) pictures that Engadget scored, just as pre-orders began for the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible. Put on your tinfoil hats for a minute, people. Do you really think Apple's as petty and paranoid about Google, Android and/or Verizon to leak this out on its own? (Personally, I wouldn't put it past them, though you'd think they'd come up with a better cover story than "lost it in a bar.") Anyhoo, let's hear it, folks. Whatcha think?


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Just how afraid of Android is Apple?


scared no but they are keeping google and android dead in there sights

i look for the EVO to give the iphone and run for its money. and with Verizon new beast set to launch its getting to get interesting for sure

Apple has a built in base of users. They don't have much to worry about. With so many markets opening up around the world everyone gets a piece.

IMO Apple isn't poised lose their spot in the market. I am a huge Android/open source supporter, and hate the closed nature of the Apple/itunes jailhouse, but I'm also certain that for every person like me, there are at least 5 that just don't care about it.

Turn it on, download apps, and play. Apple has that covered pretty darn well. Something goes wrong? Go see the Genius. What's too simple and closed to many of us, is just perfect for lots of others.

Will Android ever get there? Maybe. It's certainly possible, as you can do just about anything - including simplify - to the OS, and phones like the backflip might be the beginnings of that. All that's left is for Google to hire me, give me a case full of cool devices and a polo shirt that says Genius on it. I can factory reset and turn on USB debugging like a champ! lol

scared is the wrong word to use here...i dont think apple has anything to do with this at all...this is a knock off or a possible prototype. I dont think apple doesnt really cares much about the Droid Incredible being released because guess what....at the end of the day IF (BIG IF) Verizon gets the next iPhone it will OUTSELL all other smartphones on verizon and at the end of the day when the dust settles....all Verizon and Apple care about is selling these phones as fast as possible and bringing in new customers. Droid Incredibe is nice ( i want one!) but if iPhone goes to Verizon (dont think it will happen this year) i will get the iPhone instead! my 2 cents

For me one of the most annoying parts is all this talk about an 'iPhone 4G or HD or whatever it's going to be called.'

It's annoying mostly because we all know that the iPhone is and will still be a 3G device given that it is going ONCE AGAIN to AT&T which doesn't even have a 4G network running yet.

This is the 4TH GENERATION of the iPhone and not an iPhone running on a 4G data network. As for as we know only Sprint has a 4G network here in the U.S.

This is definitely going to be interesting once the EVO launches in June (around the same time when we should see the official 4th Gen iPhone launch). With Verizon moving toward its LTE network launch and Sprint expanding its WiMax system through a partnership with Clearwire, what will Apple and AT&T do? Eventually they'll have to deploy some form of 4G network and compatible devices just to keep up with the Joneses.

Has Apple SECRETLY embedded 4G support into the 4th Gen iPhone? Probably not, and unless they did that means there will eventually be a 5th Gen iPhone in a year or two that will probably support 4G data access. And the Apple fanboys (and girls) will pony up yet more cash for the new goods.

I just wish people would be clear when they're talking about 4G as in data speed or as in device generation. Heck, maybe they don't really know the different; that could be it too. :(

Sure sounds like appel is trying to freeze the market place. GM used to do it, all the time.
It's cheaper than doing development. Oops spelling.

On the software side, someone just recently told me about paragraph 3.3.1 of the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK license, and that the interpretation is that Apple is trying to prevent cross platform type of programs. (things that could compile easily for iPhone, then Android, or something else) Was this pov correct? I don't recall seeing anything about it on Android Central or any of the other Android sources of info to date. Seems it would be another red flag.

I think for the first time they truly feel competition with Google. The Droid Incredible is even more of a competing phone than the Moto Droid is. The specs alone blow away the iPhone 3GS, so their next iPhone will have to at least match the Droid Incredible or exceed it to keep up. It's great Verizon now has the 2 leading & best Android phones... the Moto Droid and HTC Droid Incredible! Between Motorola and HTC on the manufacturing end and Google on the software end, I have confidence that they can compete with Apple in the high end smartphone market!

I believe Apple is definitely scared that Android is taking over the market. Just look at their actions; suing HTC, coping multitasking like Android, releasing the crapy iPad and making a big deal out of it, and rejecting Flash to work on any of their mobile products. I don't think they are the ones to release these pictures, just some Apple fanboys.

Apple knows that phones like the EVO, Incredible, Droid, and Nexus One will show the power of Android and three of those devices are HTC. Apple has run out of ideas and the only way to keep their share in the market is to sue companies that pose a threat like HTC and Nokia. Apple's patents are so broadly worded it's retarted. A company like Palm could sue Apple but they don't. Palm understands innovation and competition that things should be settled in the market place and not it the courts. Apple just plain sucks.

Lets be real , the iPhone is old news , I have an Iphone 3Gs and a Nexus 1 , there is NO comparison and I far prefer Android over Apple . and each and every Android device keeps getting better and better , The fact the you have to buy an iPhone to get the Apple UI compared to Android that is available on several phones and several carriers , Apple doesnt stand a chance . Android and its open market is unbeatable , Apple already knows this

The iPhone was the world's first smartphone for dumb people.

Step 1: Be one of 50 million worldwide who cannot think for themselves.

Step 2: Pay twice the money for half the functionality.

Step 3: Lock yourself into a cult-like, totalitarian regime which does not allow you to choose, believe, invest or care.

Step 4: Push a colorful button, whichever one amazes you the most.

Step 5: Shake device to learn what type of potatoes you will be having for dinner.

Enjoy, dumb people. :-)

It takes one dummy to recognize another. :)

I'm all for "brand loyalty" (aka fanboy-ism), but your statement really changes it to "brand stupidity"

Good day sir!

Wow, it's cool to like one brand over another, but don't make yourself look like a fool. Truth is, the iPhone has spawned a lot of innovation and will continue to do so . Deluding yourself won't change it. Enjoy the competition and don't take it too seriously.

I wouldn't be surprised if Apple somehow pulled off something like that, but why not a better looking device? Haaa. Also, if it is true, it would be a smart move to let customers know an iPhone is coming, hold tight.

Is it me, or does this device look not as sleek as the current iPhone. Reminds me of an early prototype phone from the late 90's, before smart phones really took off and looked nice.

So if this really is the next gen iPhone, they really fumbled on the design (rare miss for Apple.)

I agree that Apple isn't [too] scared, but they are certainly keeping their closest eye on Android.

Yo this pic ain't even of the new iPhone. It's a Japanese knock off that they was trying to sell to a publication for $10,000. Check out gsmarena.com for more info. And apple ain't scared of android. The iPhone is the reason why most of these google phones are in existence today. Don't get too high on the horse android

You sir, just made yourself extremely easy to stereotype. Malibu's Most Wanted "B-Rad" comes to mind. Yo BOI!!!

Apple has a good product with the iPhone. While they have no reason to fear Android -- iPhone will always have a market -- the question becomes whether or not history repeats itself and Android becomes the Microsoft of phones.

That twitter post pretty much solidifies just how insecure Rene is. Notice how pretty much every time a new device is released, he takes the liberty of posting it on the site to announce "This is the competition!" while his goon of followers come by to validate him? It's so sad. He's so afraid that someone will steal Iphones spotlight that he has to make up articles that purposely belittle other phones.

I don't think Apple is feeling afraid. I think it's more a feeling of helplessness. They definitely see the writing on the wall. With Android gaining in popularity by the number of users, manufacturers and carriers, the iPhone no matter what xGeneration is doomed. The masses will rule, just like the iPhone once did in the early smartphone era. Apples epitaph - “ It was good while it lasted”

Apple was smart to prevent flash metaprograms to retard its API's. Android must step its game up and improve it's API's for slicker Apps. Looking at the app of Leo Laporte's Twit network is a great example. Android version sucks, compared to iPhone.

Apple's been down this road before. A $50 billion dollar headstart on all the competition. The Lisa & the Macintosh came out. Apple was on top of the world in 1984. Then Apple heard a freight train coming from behind that derailed their 80's dominance and put them for the last 16 years as the number two player in the PC industry. That freight train was Microsoft Windows & Apple has never recovered. Even today, Windows 7 in a few months sold over 90 million copies & selling, while Apple only has approximately 35 million Mac users worldwide.

I think Apple hears that freight train again. A Google Train that's built on 21st century technology, that's better networked, with younger & smarter folks building a better brand. That freight train in less than 2 years has cut Apple's lead down to zero. The Google train has rapidly closed both the market-share & the app advantage down. This train even with Apple's legal muscle, cannot be stopped, delayed, or even slowed. Steve Jobs & Phil Schiller have been forced into a defensive posture with iPhone 4.0, but will easily be leaped frogged by FroYo & Gingerbread.

This is Apple's Kobayashi Maru. The ultimate innovator's dilemma. They made a great computer with the original Apple, Apple II, & the Macintosh. However, they've had their share of failures. The Lisa, the Apple III, cheaper Macs didn't work, the clone market backfired, the G4 cube, Apple TV, & PowerPC Macs didn't help them. They cannot innovate much further. Looking at the iPod, iPhone, & iPad, they can take an existing design & improve it.

Google has taken an open source pieces of an OS & make an open source mobile OS that's becoming a success. Their partners at HTC, Samsung, Motorola, & others are building better smartphones with new innovative technologies such as AMOLED & SuperAMOLED. Each time getting better, getting word of mouth praise, & continuing to build at Apple's expense. A lot of people did switch to Android from iPhone because of Apple's rigid control system. The open Android is like Microsoft Windows again. One man vision is not enough in the digital age. What is one man's mind against hundreds or thousands of minds tackling the same problems from dozens of angles?

I expect what happened to Apple in the 1990s to happen again thanks to Google & Microsoft. Microsoft will do it on the desktop space & Google on the mobile space. Apple will be forced to do something else or fall apart when Steve Jobs retires. I just seeing Google as getting started & Apple has a company facing an Armageddon clock that's ticking down to oblivion.

Im all for android and i think android and apple are thinking completely different in terms of there devices. you take android phones and just about every month they keep getting better and better so of course they are better than the iphone and up coming iphones cuz apple dont care about if they are the best or not they just care about making there devices simple enough for every1 to use, they just want to make there money, look at the ipad it sucks they could have uped the specs and made it an unbeatable device but the mainstream people dont know that they just know its a kool device and they want it but android.. really pushes there phones and devices to stay ahead of there competetion so they always will be better with every phone they release just about every month or two..

"Turn it on, download apps, and play. Apple has that covered pretty darn well. Something goes wrong? Go see the Genius. What's too simple and closed to many of us, is just perfect for lots of others."

Except the iPhone doesn't work that way. Turn it on and it wants to connect to iTunes. So you install iTunes. You end up clicking through endless dialog boxes and wizards. Finally, you manage to get it activated. Maybe it will force you through a round of firmware and iTunes upgrades. Oh, and you probably need an iTunes store account. Now comes the next tough part: getting your calendar and contacts in there. If you're using a Mac, you have to use Apple's underpowered and buggy desktop apps. On Windows, you're SOL. Over the air sync means that you either shell out a hundred bucks for Apple's service (and get saddled with complicated desktop sync you didn't want or need, plus a lock-in to Apple's services). Or you can try to brave Google's complicated Exchange setup (the only thing Apple will support in their apps) that doesn't work half the time. The iPhone is really a clone of the old Handspring/Palm devices, and its model of the universe is both obsolete and schizophrenic.

Now compare that to Android: you turn it on, you type in your Google name and password, and everything's in sync and up-to-date. No credit card required and it doesn't cost you an extra dime.

Truth is: the iPhone is for geeks who like complicated toys. Android is the easy-to-use choice for the masses.