Rex Manning Day Contest!

Today's the day, folks! Apple is announcing new iPhones, which means the entire world will be paying attention to all the coverage at our sister site,! (Seriously, we asked the entire world, and that's what it said.)

Us? We're gonna keep on doing what we always do. And that includes our fifth annual "Anything but Apple" giveaway! What's in store? Why, just a brand-new 32-gigabyte Nexus 7 (with LTE!) and a brand-new Chromecast, that's what's in store.

To enter to win this pair, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. That's it. Leave a comment, and you're entered to win. (Just one comment is all it takes, folks.) We're leaving this open to everyone everywhere (so long as your comment isn't "Is this contest open to everyone? Or just in the U.S.?"), because we love you.

We'll close things up at 7 p.m. EDT tonight, after all the excitement has died down. Namaste.


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It's our fifth annual 'Anything but Apple' giveaway!



Since when are we so interested in the apple industry? Are they even in season right now?

Good thing to know I'm not the only one who dislikes Apple and their products:)

The all new nexus 7 (with LTE!!!) and chromecast! The perfect kickass combination for an android freak like me! Me like and me want.....!!!

I entered to win a brand new tablet and chromecast and all I had to do was leave this silly comment!

Great idea for a giveaway!

I bought an iPhone two years ago because I was familiar with the iTouch as my music player. There isn't anything Apple can announce today to keep me from jumping ship to Android this Fall.

As a new Android convert, Droid Maxx here, I still have an ipad mini and apple TV to convert from and then I saw this :)

Look at that, after trying to figure out how I can justify purchasing these two I may not have to - Hooray anything but apple day!

I'd love to have anything but apple, unless it's a honey crisp then I'll have that too.;-)

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And efff Apple....I had to download Chrome on my girls iPad just to view some websites and do the functions.. lol, love rubbing it in her face

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And efff Apple....I had to download Chrome on my girls iPad just to view some websites and do the functions.. lol, love rubbing it in her face

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Never won a giveaway from AndroidCentral, i hope this time it's me. I may forget that Apple is announcing new products today but a giveaway from ANDROIDCENTRAL IS ALWAYS TEMPTING AND CANNOT BE FORGOTTEN. Cheers!

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Android All Day. Who cares what Apple announces. My Galaxy will still be a year ahead of it. I would love to win some Nexus or Chrome swag.

Please assist me with converting the last apple using member of my family by selecting me

After dumping apple and switching to Linux on my laptop and Android on my phone, I would love a sweet Nexus 7 Android tablet to go along with all this open goodness. Bah Humbug Apple!

In the immortal words of Donkey from "Shrek" - "Pick Me! Me! Me! Pick Me!"

Nexus 7 + chromecast & me the perfect Ménage à trois! Android Central can you make it happen? Please :-)

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I really want this new nexus. I'm going to have to buy one eventually, so hopefully I can win one.

Apple who? Crossing my fingers for the best tablet out there and a cool little streamer as well.

I can't really say which one I want more. The Nexus is great, but Netflix is launching in my country tomorrow, so the Chromecast would be handy too. :-)

Be careful, guys... remember that Apple invented the Nexus 7 and the Chromecast.

It hasn't even started yet, and I'm already sick of iDay.

You rock!

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Its been months since Chromecast and Nexus 7 were launched, and god knows how many days do one have to wait. Till they both are launched in India. I would be very very very very lucky if I even won one of those. (These days I want a ChromeCast device more than anything.)

The best prize is Apple finaly getting Androids "hand-me-down" features.

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Get a Nexus 7, with LTE and Chromecast, for under $400. Save over $250 compared to a iPad Mini w/LTE and an Apple TV. Spend $250 on... whatever you want in life. Now, I'd prefer to get mine for free, so....

Ha ha... great way to get the longest random comment thread ever.

... but yes please... me too :)

Hoping this time I finally get to change my answer to my favorite poll question.
Do you own a tablet?
- No, but I'd like to!

I've never had a tablet with LTE in it. I always tether with my phone. It would be really nice to be able to take my tablet out, and leave the phone at home!

I can't think of a better day than today for a contest like this.

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The Perfect Gift for my wife, to get rid of his iPad mini for a REAL tablet. . .

One comment: you guys are awesome. And serve much more purpose. Than a fingerprint reader on a smartphone for daily users

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Sweet, I'd love to win either of those. Much better prizes than Apple is sure to announce today.

I'm an apple guy, but I'll take a free high quality android phone. Won't cost me anything and I can play around with it and see what android is like, and who knows, might tempt me away from apple. LOL so hook me up with the freebie!

Keep up the awesome work Android Central!

How is this the first time in 5 years I've heard of the "anything but Apple" giveaway?????

Pick me!
Got an N4 that is stuck somewhere between the States and the Netherlands for two months already, would love to have an N7 first, haha!
Congrats to whoever wins!

lets try this again..last time didn't really work out
thanks for the contest

Hi my name is Jasen and I've been Apple free for my entire life.

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Pick me!
Got an N4 that is stuck somewhere between the States and the Netherlands for two months already, would love to have an N7 first, haha!
Congrats to whoever wins!

Great giveaway this year. I am certain to win so please let me know when to expect my package!! Seriously though, congratulations to the ones that do win.

Who really cares what Apple has to offer right now? Just more of the same! Give me Android!!!!

Namaste? An indian winner this time? xD Thanks! Hope i win! Haven't won anything in my life yet (yes, really)
P.S. I'm from india ;-)

A new nexus 7 and a chromecast? It sounds lovely :)

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Chromecast and the new N7 (and a new Nexus5) would be like the holy trinity of communication and mobile. I can't wait to see how Google will foster the further evolution of integrated mobile systems - hardware and software - for both productivity and play.

Today is the day I decide...stay with my iPhone 5 or go to Moto X...honestly its probably going to be Moto X because Apple will just release the same old that I'm tired of.

A new nexus 7 and a chromecast? It sounds lovely :)

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And when they announce their "new" fingerprint unlocking feature, I will lovingly look over at my old Atrix 4g...

Android over Apple any day! Love the "Anything but Apple" title, by the way. Totally my mentality, lol.

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Had last year's version of N7 until it fell and cracked the screen this would be a wonderful replacement! Thanks

Android Central is the best... Great articles, great contests, in depth reviews and opinions. Love it!

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Android for life! Seriously though, I hope apple finally has something innovative. Just so it pushes android makers even more.

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Oh how I want a Nexus 7 and an Chromecast! my wife won't let me spend any money because we have to "pay bills" pfft! Whatever, she sucks!

This would replace my iPad Mini and I'd be sooooo happy! Fingers crossed......

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God, Android central just simply rocks! Thanks guys!

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I wonder if the new iphone will exceed its stats to the latest phones? And by latest, I mean 2012 phones as far as Apple is concerned.

I'll take it

Posted via Android Central App on this HTC One I just picked up for a week till the LG G2 launches on Verizon.

Apple!!! schmapple!! .. it's my biggest pet peve about living in the bay area, your looked at like a trader when you tell someone you refuse to use apple products

My Xoom is driving me crazy and I think it's time to put the old girl down, so I NEED this Nexus 7 (LTE!!!). And you know I'm going to go castcatcrazy with the Chromecast.

Awesome tablets; would be a great giveaway LTE N7 :D

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Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state, but nearly 14 billion years ago, expansion started- wait!
The earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool
neanderthals developed tools, we built a wall (we built the pyramids!)
Math, science history, unraveling a mystery that all started with a

Big Bang!

I've sticked my life to google, which means I've sticked it to Android! I don;t recognize any other OS and we are 1 billion for this! Without me, we would be 999.999.999 only :)

Hey hey hey! Pick me, PICK ME! new baby and cant afford anything fun and new! Stuck in the house with nothing to do!

Who wouldn't want more Google in their lives

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I think my wife would appreciate it if I stopped borrowing her nexus 7 all the time.

Here's my entry. I know my chance of winning is slim to none but I'd love a Tablet plus the Chromecast.

Sweet! <...sarcasm...> Now, only if this were an iPad Mini & an Apple TV... <.../sarcasm...> :P

My first smart phone was an iPhone. I sold it a couple months later in favor of an Android and haven't looked back since.

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