Rex Manning Day Contest!

Today's the day, folks! Apple is announcing new iPhones, which means the entire world will be paying attention to all the coverage at our sister site,! (Seriously, we asked the entire world, and that's what it said.)

Us? We're gonna keep on doing what we always do. And that includes our fifth annual "Anything but Apple" giveaway! What's in store? Why, just a brand-new 32-gigabyte Nexus 7 (with LTE!) and a brand-new Chromecast, that's what's in store.

To enter to win this pair, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. That's it. Leave a comment, and you're entered to win. (Just one comment is all it takes, folks.) We're leaving this open to everyone everywhere (so long as your comment isn't "Is this contest open to everyone? Or just in the U.S.?"), because we love you.

We'll close things up at 7 p.m. EDT tonight, after all the excitement has died down. Namaste.


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It's our fifth annual 'Anything but Apple' giveaway!



Ah, been wanting the new Nexus 7. Love my 1st gen, but my roommate has a 2nd gen, and it's sexy. :-)

This is my comment to enter me into the contesssstttt! So please have the random-comment-picker choose me! Thaaanks!

Way to go Phil. Nice way to cheer me up after my fellow countryman lost in USO final. Also, my cousin failed to get me chromecast while she was in NYC. Shame on her.

My boss owns Apple stock and doesn't allow employees to use anything but Apple products, at least insofar as what the company provides for its employees. IT BURNS!!! Which is why I just bring my own Nexus devices to work. (N4 and N7.)

Anything but Apple contest? Count me in!

I just sold my N7 (2012) and my N10 to buy a new laptop. I could definitely use a free N7.

Seeing as I'm looking to sell my Nexus 7 (2012 edition), getting a brand new N7 2013 (with LTE!!!1111onezomg) would be pretty freaking sweet. (And the shipping wouldn't be too bad either, since I'm not in Florida, bwahaha.)

I would looooooove to win this one! Especially since I just converted my wife from I-Phone to Nexus 4...mwahahahaha.

CONTEST!!!! ¡!!!-63/&KTALRZULJ CPLKR85#+5#+&!?*$85297%0


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I was thinking of getting a note 10.1 2014, but a nexus 7 with lte would be nice too

I've never won a AC contest and I'm starting to wonder if my comments ever go through to the decision rounds. Prove me wrong AC!

"Is this contest open to everyone? Or just those in the US?"

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First interesting thing of the day here! Thanks for the giveaway AC! I could definitely use a Chromecast and a Nexus 7 :)

I've called dibs several times and not been taken seriously. So this time...



I'm paying attention to what you guys write and couldn't care less about new Apple products!

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Here we go again! I would love to win :)


Flailing my arms wildly!!!

PLEEESE!! Would like to win something, anything!! And the Nexus 7 would surely change my luck (less) stars!! Thanks

Count me in! If I win I might not need to get the Galaxy Note 3 which would please my wife. She is starting to push back on my off contract phone purchases.

For the 5th year, I'm commenting. I'm really not getting my hopes up. (Again)

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Me likie Android...... Me No likie Apple. Me want beauty Nexus 7 LTE. Me want to develop. Me smash Apple not beauty.

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Slowly converting my wife to anything/everything but apple products! A new Nexus 7 and/or Chromecast would help the process!

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Wait apple is talking about something today?.. would never have known... New Nexus 7 yes please!!!!!! Thanks for all the great android news and updates!

Anything to distract me from the mass coverage of EVERY tech blog covering Apple. Thanks Android Central!

My birthday is next week... if that makes any difference.
Otherwise I plan on grabbing the Asus Transformer Infinity and dock.

Who needs Apple and the crummy iPhone 5s anyways? Especially when android central is giving away such awesome stuff!!!

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You guys picked the right date! Needed some happiness this day of just darkness...

Sweet, my birthday was yesterday and this would be a great belated birthday gift!

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Sweet! Thanks for the chance. Good luck all.

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Just gotta say android central keeps getting better and better. The reviews are amazing and helpful. I just it out every few hours! Long live Lloyd! Namaste!

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As Eazy-E would surely say...

"Gimme that, that, that Nexus!"
"Gimme that, Gimme that, Gimme that Nexus! Please!"

I'm sure Eazy would have said please!!!

I could use this lovely pair, thank you in advance.

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Happy Anniversary AndroidCentral! Way to go, spreading the wonders of android throughout the world. Thanks in advance for the gifts! Cheers!

Please send me that nexus 7 LTE, so i can cancel the one i ordered on my credit card, which will end up costing me double with interest :). You will be saving one Americans debt problem, one nexus LTE at a time. Thanks and keep up the great work as always!

AC knows how to make the most obnoxious day of the year the best day of the year!

I am looking forward to winning this. I also want to know if the rumor is true that iPhone is going to incorporate the fingerprint reader in the home button. Gotta give them credit there.

Can I please have this? I really really want it. I'd do just about anything to win. Just ask and I'll do it.

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Phil, I just found out that I am going to be a father for the first time. This is my luckly week!

Thanks guys! you're best, nothing would make this day better than tell all my apple fan friends to say that I won a brand New Nexus 7 the day of their "new" iphones launch.

Very nice, I for one will be spending my time trying to figure out how to fit the Note3 in my pocket rather than watch an Apple keynote...

Would be amazing to win it, tried everything to get chromecast in Ireland, N7 would be great update as well.

I want any of them badly. Why? Because I'm in Canada and can't have them yet!

If I win, I'll declare your are the best ... oh crap, already done that.

well, mmm ... you know ... just pick me! ;-)

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