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You're not alone, folks. Google Wallet appears to be struggling this afternoon. Time to reach for that good ol' standby in your back pocket. Google's status board is still green, but keep an eye on it.

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It's not just you — Google Wallet seeing issues


I went to check AC to see if they had an article about any wallet issues and behold they did.

Kinda sucks I finally verified my bank account just this morning and then this happened right after.

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So you broke it huh?

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Most likely...

I wanted to watch the world burn...

Or at least let wallet users suffer from trying to refresh...

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Your sitting in a mall watching a bunch of people wave their phones around... We are on to you

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

My wallet account pissed me off all weekend dumb gas station authorized 2 100$ holds for gas it never actually let buy

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That's not wallet, it's the gas station. It's on Google wallets FAQ, it says that Google knows that gas stations put 100 dollar holds on debit/credit accounts and Google will try to correct the balance in your account when they're sure no more charges from that gas station will be added.

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Note to self... don't use Wallet to purchase gas or if i must, don't be surprised if there is a massive hold on funds for a period of time. Well maybe that Coin card will be in my wallet after all.

Yep. I learned not to use my Wallet card for gas. I topped off my car, the five dollars it took cleared and is complete but I still have a $125.00 hold on my account. Been four days. Lesson learned.

holds finally went off on 19 then google closed my account with over 200 in account and still waiting on any word from anyone to reopen my account

I couldn't get Wallet to work on my Moto X a few nights ago at Walgreen's NFC wasn't even pinging. They have a weird looking setup there, but I've used my Galaxy Nexus there in the past.

I so wish my rw would get 4.4 so I could get NFC payments just wish physical card would have NFC on it also and take direct from linked account rather then wallet balance

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I thought Walgreen's had their own tap to pay app. The cashier told me that, luckily I grabbed a $10 because I left my wallet at home.

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They might, but they still have the NFC receptacle on their POS systems like any other store that accepts it.

Wallet has never worked for me on my NS4G or N4 at Walgreens. I thought their NFC terminals's NFC functions are limited to payments from their own NFC tags.

I'm somewhat of a Google fanboy, but I just don't get how the Wallet is supposed to improve my life. I used it once, for a small NFC purchase at Rite Aid, which dazzled the clerk, but beyond that, I just don't get the point, especially the idea of putting money into a card so I can draw from it.

It's not just a prepaid card. You can link the app to all your credit/debit cards and it will automatically debit the payment method you have selected. No pre-loading necessary. It's one app/card that can use every single electronic payment method you have! Sure, it's great for the wow factor, but it's very handy! I've actually forgottwpen my (physically real) wallet at home before and it was a life saver because I would have ran out of gas and been stranded.

Also, it comes in handy in an emergency if you need to float a payment. I've had situations where I had, for example, no coffee in my house and no money to get any until my paycheck came the next day. Because I know Google will take 24-48 hours to submit the charge to my bank account, I was able to go buy coffee, knowing the money would be there by the time the charge actually hit my bank account. This may not be the smartest idea, considering I gambled whether or not I would get an insufficient funds charge, but the point is, it can be done if you are really in a pinch.

I do not know if it geographic or not, but I used Google Wallet twice today without issue (or at least I didn't notice any issues).


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Google wallet is cool but if I had had google wallet and it stopped working I would freak out

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Mine works flawlessly... I just bought a soda at work-- my vending machine has tap-to-pay.

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They paid me ten bucks to send them a log cat because my device went from being able to tap to pay to the app saying that it's unavailable for my device. I hope they get that fixed soon. I miss that feature.

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Running stock on my Nexus 4 but I haven't been able to tap and pay since the 4.4.1 upgrade. It just does nothing and I look like a fool waving my phone around. It worked sporadically before that. Everything enabled and it says I'm ready to go, but just does nothing. Certainly nothing more than a novelty at this point as it can't be depended upon.

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Figures this happens on the first day I actually try and use wallet in like a year.

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