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Earlier this week we released Version 1.4 of the official Android Central App. OK, technically we're already at v1.4.1 thanks to a quick bugfix. But point is, we're continuing down our roadmap. 

We've added some new features — and most notable is a slightly revamped design — and kept our focus on speed and improving stability. And we're not done yet, of course.

New in v1.4.1 are:

  • An updated app icon.
  • New visual design. It's got more of a card feel to it, and a little splash of color.
  • Pull to refresh a story list or comments.
  • Switched to the Android-defined font sizes. If they're too big for your taste, open a story and then hit the overflow menu for the font options. (I'm blind as a bat, but I've opted for the "small" size.)
  • We switched form swiping between sections to a drop-down menu style. We get that some folks just love to swipe — it is a more natural feeling — but we've already found that this new style is being used more.
  • Added a dedicated Talk Mobile 2013 section and improved interaction in the Talk Mobile stories.
  • Improved performance and stability.
  • Added support for Javascript widgets in articles — so things like polls work better.
  • Added the ability to edit or delete comments. But you've got to do so within the first 15 minutes of posting. (It's the same rules for on the blog.)
  • Podcasts are now downloaded to a "Podcasts" folder so you can use your favorite media player.

Like we said, we're not done. We've still got to improve the app for tablets. We hear you on being able to search for stories. We've got to get our image galleries nailed down. And an app can never be too stable. (If you'd like to see our changelog history, it lives here.)

Thanks for all the great feedback. And thanks to those who have been participating in our beta program. And thanks for your patience as we continue to work to make this application the best it can be.


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Introducing Version 1.4 of the Android Central App!


This is what really sets you guys apart from everyone else. It's easy maintain a WordPress blog but this is professionalism.


It's easy to matain their wordpress blog so you think. But there are designs out there for tech sites like and those are hard to keep up.

HTC ONE ~ Android Central App

Did the article view used to show the # of comments up in the top bar or am I retroactively hallucinating?

Posted via Android Central App

It used to. That was one change I noticed right away, and think it was better with the number then just a generic ellipsis...

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, please bring it back! I don't always notice/remember the number of comments from viewing the list of articles, where it IS still indicated.

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 4

I definitely like the look, and having the Talk Mobile section is a nice touch.

Just need to be able to mark a forum as read and it will be much better.

The color was a little shocking, but I think I like it.

Otherwise, I love the app and how much work you put into it. Its pretty much to the point where I only use this on mobile, no more Chrome!

Thanks guy.

Posted via Android Central App

I totally agree. Soon as I saw it I was like "oh! That's what was missing.... Color!"

Posted via Android Central App

Love android central! Great team, fast updates,best industry news, editors personal approach in writings and the list goes on and on... & The app's widget surely deserves a place on my home screen! Cheers!

Posted via Android Central App

- Seems faster and smoother
- love the swipe down to refresh content
- love the colour icons in the navigation drawer

- less intuitive not to scroll by swiping across between News, Reviews, Editorials and the like. Having to go to a drop down arrow and click and find your section and click is just annoying. Give us the option at least
-miss seeing the number of comments at the top of an article

Was hoping to see the ability to edit comments from within the app included in this version.

Posted via Android Central App

Valid criticism, I think. (But I don't think that sort of UI thing you'd ever see as an "option.") But try it for a few days. It's maybe not as intuitive, but it's damned quick.

You still get the number of comments on the main screen, so there's that.

And you can edit comments now, as I noted in the post. You have to do it within the first 15 minutes of leaving the comment.

I liked it the other way as well. I feel like you are burying the reviews, editorials, etc. categories.

It is fast, but had to look for them.

Posted via Android Central App

I really did try but ended up going back to 1.3 the swiping is what I missed. On larger devise it's easier to swipe then to try and look for a small arrow to click. Colors are OK more like Samsung and lg having a baby

Posted via Android Central App

I do like the drop down menu better than scrolling. Seems easier to do when using the phone with one hand. I agree, bring back the numbers for comments.

Love the app. But I miss the area where it stated when the article was posted.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree. The posted xxx hours ago on the main list was very handy.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree too. I sometimes don't look at AC for a couple days. The posted time was my way to know how far back I want to look.

Posted via Android Central App

You could still do a ViewPager with a Spinner to appease the "swipers". Even without the tabs indicator.

The widget needs some work. It takes too long to refresh and at times it doesnt load the images

Posted via Jamaica AC App - N4

I'm still having issues in the forums where random threads are blank. And although I love swipe to refresh, these blank threads won't swipe - have to exit and reenter. Also as much as I love swipe to refresh, long threads are a pain to swipe refresh if you are at the bottom - you have to go to the top to refresh. Also do we have to do such a long "pull" to refresh? Many other apps let you do an abbreviated pull. Also get network errors pretty often. Other than these issues, I really like the app!

I love the new updates and yes I love the colors.

One thing though. I would use the night mode more often but I don't because of the blinking when I open the app. It seems the app opens with the light and green theme for a split second before reading the config and switch to black. Yeah it's minor and visual.

Continue the good work. And as I always say, you guys should do redo the Facebook app. Or replace Zuk's entire brainwashed team.

1st off I've been on AC for years now... Going from the AC app that use to crash constantly... And looking at where it is now is a huge feat in itself... To add its now a leading forum app... I can't say the best because idk.. This and Engadget is all i know... And u guys have now surpassed Engadget... And the night mode on my note2 Led screen... Yes!! i love it

Great work!!

Posted via Android Central App

I miss Swiping!! What are you guy's Dora and Boots? Swipper no swiping Swipper no swiping Swipper no swiping... OH MAN!!

Posted via Android Central App

Very nice, but there are a few conflicts:

-The drawer indicator should only be visible at the top level of navigation, otherwise there should be an "up" button
-Settings should be in the action overflow menu and not in the nav drawer
-The swipe down to refresh text should slide down so that there is vertically oriented visual feedback to go along with the gesture as there is no elastic overscrolling.
-Fade transition

I really enjoy most of the update; however, the drop down boxes aren't very natural compared to the ease of swiping. In the time that I have been using the beta, I have never gotten used to the drop downs. I really can't complain though, it is a great app, and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with for the tablet version.

Posted from the incredible new Nexus 7

I'm loving the new style with the update!! You guys are the best! It's the first thing I usually check on my phone for any new interests.

Posted via nexus 4

Maybe you could add some transparency to the widget. It would look more premium..

Posted via Android Central App

I like the app on the whole but the menu vs swiping feels like a step back. Mostly though it is the content that counts. ;)

Well, I use the app on my 2 devices an HTC ONE and a Galaxy Tab 7 Plus.
On the HTC One it works with no major problems,the only thing that I noticed is that the pull to refresh never refreshes the page I still have to touch the overflow button to select refresh in order to actually refresh the page.
On the Tab 7 Plus it constantly force closes every time I try to open a forum page (any forum).
On the Home page I am able to open some stories but other force closes the app or causes my tablet to freeze.
I have tried everything I know to make it work with no success.

Seriously, this app blows every other blogging app out of the water. I prefer individual apps over an all encompassing RSS reader too. Kudos!

Posted via Android Central App

It's a great app, but all I want is for the menu on the left side to be pulled out more easily. I wish I could drag the menu out as easy as it is on YouTube and other apps. Other than that, it is a great app.

Posted via Android Central App

Really nice update, very slick indeed.

Android Central: News and reviews but damn it, no booze.

Any chance of adding the ability to tap the News/Logo on the widget to open the app?

Posted via Android Central App

I like the new design, it's certainly a lot better than the xda app I've been using. Just wish that those guys would take inspiration from you guys and create a masterpiece like this...