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Reader comments

Introducing Android Central Daily - our new daily mailer delivering the hottest Android news right to your inbox!


And I get too much spam already.

RSS feeds work just fine.

These days the mobile site is a lot more attractive than the full web site, because of those pop-up overlay ads that you can't even clear on a mobile browser. I don't understand why a site about Android phones and devices can push so many pop-ups that you can't get past on an Android device. Do they never read their own site on their phones?

The website should be auto-detecting mobile devices now. at least it does for me with twitter/story links.
That's why I'm following @androidcentral on twitter. You could also subscribe via RSS for news updates as well. Per article emails would get a bit crazy, especially on a big news day.

I don't want the same old boring news day after day. we already get that on Android Central.

Who cares if a phone is coming soon to a carrier we do not have, or a new and great phone is coming out "soon".

How about real "NEWS"!

If you talk about a new Android Phone, Tell us what is so great about it! All android phones do about the same thing! What makes this phone better than the other available phones. Speed? Resolution? Color? Internal Memory?
How about a comprehensive comparison list of Android phones?

Comparison lists are subjective since raw numbers only do so much when it comes to comparing devices. As for why a given phone is awesome, they do that: And besides, talking about why a phone is awesome isn't really news, it's opinion.

Man o man...What a tuff crowd here today. Listen up guys Android news is Android news period rather you recieve the information via email or here on central least you get the news. The more the merrier...

I agree. There are times throughout the day I don't even have time to browse any websites, and I'm a developer so I'm on the computer all day. It's nice to get an e-mail summary with the latest articles and catch up on things when I only have a few minutes to check e-mail.

This is pretty nifty and creative but I have the AC widget and its all I need. Considering I check it every 30 minutes haha!

Guys they are not telling you you HAVE to get this so why complain about it! They are simply offering another option!

I do hope there is extra news included, otherwise it may be a bit redundant, but in what way is it bad to keep expanding and offering more options?

As for email versus browser, Email is much faster. Sometimes I don't want to fire up the web browser and scroll all around for some things that I just want fast access to, I can set alerts for priority Email etc... I can't do that with the browser. Email also can be used with programs that do TTS.

So WTF is Lloyd doing up there? Yoga? And hitchhiking at the same time? Picking his teeth? Wait...teeth?

Whose dumb idea was this? Between RSS, the forums and the website we pretty much have all the bases covered. I bet out of the few that do sign up for this news letter more than half will have either unsubscribed from it or started funneling them into the junk folder under a month.

Nobody wants to use newsletters, RSS is a much better automatic news tool. Email should be for two way communication, if only one way than RSS is a much better solution. What's next you guys going to throw a parade for your new AOL keyword redirect :P

If by "nobody" you mean "you", then yes, nobody wants this service. No one is forcing you to opt in. Personally, I think this will be useful. I get too busy to constantly check the site, an RSS, or my Twitter feed so a daily email would be a nice OPTION. Don't bash it just because it isn't for you. If you don't like it, don't sign up. Simple as that.

the only thing that will further aid in me getting my desired doses of AC outside of my constant obsession, twitter, and tapatalk would be sitting on Phil's lap while he reports.