If you've got Google Glass but have been hesitant to pull the trigger on the official prescription frames because you were worried about the installation process, Matt Coddington does a great job of showing just how easy it is to swap them out.

A single screw holds the guts of Glass to the titanium band. Loosen that up, put it apart, then reverse the process for the new frames. Really, the toughest part will be getting the lenses put in, we reckon.


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Installing Google Glass onto the prescription frames doesn't look too tough


And here I was thinking *I* was the only one that thinks the green felt of my pool table makes an excellent backdrop for project videos.

Went to the ATL Google Glass Expo over the weekend. Man, I got to tell you, Google Glass is pretty cool. I can definitely see myself getting on board whenever they become widely available.

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I was there too (posted about it in the forums) and I definitely agree. Particularly that sexy translation service! Damn..that is the future.

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Did they send you an invite to purchase Glass? They emailed me a code today and it's $1500 bucks... I'm thinking about buying them.

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