Although the IMDb website works pretty good on a Honeycomb tablet, the dedicated app has now been Honeycomb optimized for users. The UI is pretty slick looking and features built-in such as movie ratings, watch lists and the ability to purchase movie tickets all from within the app make it a pretty awesome update. It's available now in the Android Market -- download link and one more screenshot can be found past the break.

Thanks, Andreas!



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IMDb app updated, now optimized for Honeycomb


I love this app for watching previews on my ASUS transformer. Now, everything looks better, and even the Previews got a bump in resolution. Great job IMDB!

It's a good update. The app looks fantastic, but this looks like beta release. There's news section missing, trailers are in horrible quality and the "now playing section" is just empty space occupying half of your screen in countries that imdb doesn't support yet. Signing in doesn't work. It just pops up "login error" or when you trying to do login with facebook it pops up some unparsed code on the screen.