Project Tango

Google's Project Tango is a device unlike any other, and it's also one most of us will never actually get to see. It is just a developer prototype after all. But, that hasn't stopped those teardown-mongers at iFixit getting hold of a non-functional unit and stripping it bare for us to see what's inside.

The regular smartphone specs are pretty decent; a Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage with an additional microSD card slot. All backed up by a 3000mAh battery and a 5-inch LCD display.

But Project Tango isn't so much about the phone part, it's about that crazy sensor array that monitors the world around you in full 3D imagery. It's no looker, but there's a ton of exciting tech inside Project Tango. Hit the source link to take a look.

Source: iFixit


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iFixit tears down Google's Project Tango prototype


Google seems like a bunch of scatter brains lately.. But glad to see their doing something, unlike their competitors.

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I think they'll always be a bit scatterbrained though and, like you said, I am glad to see they're doing it. They throw a ton of ideas out there, see what works, and then refine the ones that seem to be more applicable to what the consumer wants or doesn't know yet that they want.

I think it's more their R&D projects, I think they must have hundreds of projects that'll never come to the light of day, but they'll keep 1 key component of it for something else. Can only imagine the crazy things they are doing, researching, and implementing in the R&D departments.

Things like this piss me off. Only 200 released into the wild. Thousands of applications denied. Here they are tearing theirs apart. These guys truly need to find something better to do with those devices and money.

Oh, I read it. Being non-functional doesn't change my opinion. Think about it, read between the lines of the article and answer this question "What makes it non-functional?" Only 2 options there:
A) it doesn't have the OS and apps installed to support Project Tango.
B) it doesn't have the proper hardware to load the OS/Apps that support Project Tango.

If A, then load the OS and apps and give it to the 201st developer that you denied earlier.
if B, then it's not a true teardown is it.

I'm leaning towards A because i'd hate to think they are tearing down "non-functional" devices that don't have the same hardware as the original. And if A, then quit making non-functional devices to teardown and give them to more developers who want to help the cause.

An SD card...

But Google is not following Google standards.

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It also has 64GB of internal storage. I am sure that the inclusion of the SDCard slot fits the same purpose of it being a data gathering research device that the huge internal memory serves. Gathering/Storing all the sensor data. The SDCard would be essential to any serious research group attempting to utilize gathered data on other standalone prototype devices.

So, it's like an Amazon phone? At least I believe Amazon's new phone does some sort of 3D tracking.