My Receipt Manager

With more enterprise-centric apps flooding the Android Market, it has become apparent that Android is on the rise in the business world. One such app helping it do so is Iconosys’ My Receipt Manager, an easy way to track your business-related expenses. Take a photo of an expense receipt and the app will watermark and record it, eliminating the need to keep a hard copy. And if your mileage is reimbursable, My Receipt Manager will track and record it using Google’s mapping API. The app will even let you send your records straight from your phone to your company’s HR or payroll department at user-defined intervals. All records are indexed on your phone according to category or date and are compatible with Quickbooks, Excel, and other accounting software. My Receipt Manager is available now in the Android Market for $4.99, along with a free, ad-supported version as well. Hit the break for the free download.


Reader comments

Iconsys' My Receipt Manager now available in the Android Market


Looks nice, but I'm uninstalling. The app repeatedly sends you text messages (appearing to come from yourself) advertising their other products. No way to turn it off. Displayed ads are fine, but not intrusive texts. Not cool.

This could be a handy app for the business traveler, but Iconsys fell well short of the mark. Needs a lot more developing. The advertising makes it unbearable. Uninstalled.

I have been using something similar - - for awhile and love it. It now takes me to about 5 minutes to submit an expense report on my company's custom expense template, with all the associated receipts appended to worksheet tabs (something that use to take me an hour plus). Proongo has become one of my most important apps

Yeah I looked to his other apps and saw that he is bassically an app mill shoveling out dozens of crapps all ad supported. His only goal is to get his crapps on as many phones as possible through a buck-shot approach rather than a quality approach.

Yes, Andrew, did you actually install? Or is this just a copy and paste of the developers description? Frankly, if Android Central is just reprinting developer PR without labeling it as such, there's not much value you're adding to visitors.