S Memo for the Samsung Galaxy S4

If you need to take notes on your new Samsung Galaxy S4, the S Memo app will have you covered.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes preloaded with a notes application called S Memo. It supports typed, drawn, audio, image, map, and clip art content, which can then be shared out through various apps and channels. We’ll give you the full tour so you can get the most out of this handy little app.

When you first boot up S Memo, you’re presented with the option to open an existing note by tapping it, or to start a new note. Tap the pencil icon in the top-right to start a new drawn note, or the “T” icon for a new text note. The only real difference is the kinds of backgrounds the notes have.

Samsung Galaxy S4 S Memo

Starting with the drawn notes, you’ve got some options along the top. First are the pen settings, which you can access by tapping the pen icon in the top-left. That icon will preview which color and pen type you’re using. When tapped, you can dictate exactly what kind of mark you leave on the page. The first window provides a preview. Tap the plus icon in the top-right of that preview to save it as a preset for easy access later on in the right side pane.

Pens in S Memo on the Samsung Galaxy S4

The next pane down shows five different pen types to chose from: fine point pen, small brush, large brush, pencil, and highlight. Below that is a slider to adjust the thickness of the brush. The highlighter also has an opacity slider. Below that is a color picker, and by tapping the triangle below it, you can have a finer selection of colors.

The next button at the top, a capital “T”, initiates text input. You can tap anywhere on the screen where you’d like to start typing. The next button at the top is the eraser tool, which lets you rub out brushstrokes. Tap it a second time to access a brush size slider or clear everything on the screen. The next two icons allow you to undo the last action you made or redo a previously undone action. Then at the top-right there are the Cancel and Save buttons. From Cancel you can discard the note you’ve been working, while the save button will let you punch in a filename and save it for later.

Pictures in S Memo for the Samsung Galaxy S4

The button in the bottom-left toggles the page into view mode, so you can pan and zoom around your note without editing it. Be sure to tap it again to go back to editing. The next button allows you to insert an image (either stored locally or a new one shot from the camera), anything copied to the clipboard, a location from Google Maps, or clip art (such as thought bubbles, post-it notes and other graphics). After these graphics are placed, they can be rotated or deleted with buttons that float above them, or resized with the eight points in the box around it. Remember that you can often drop items into S Memo from the global Share menu in outside apps.

The third button at the bottom initiates voice notes. Tap it, then the record button. While recording, you can stop, pause, or discard a recording. After recording, you can replay, delete, or replace the recording. The final button in the bottom-right lets you add another page to the note, which can be important when the page fills up, or you just need to save another voice note. Switch pages by swiping left or right and see which page you're on at the bar along the bottom. 

That’s the full tour of S Memo on the Samsung Galaxy S4. As you can see, there are plenty of functions available. If you’re having trouble with anything in S Memo, be sure to let us know in the comments, and we’ll see what we can do for you. 


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How to use S Memo on the Samsung Galaxy S4


S memo is the note taking app for devices which do not have the proper hardware, which is the S pen. S pen is found in the "Note" series of Samsung devices. So, instead of having the S memo app on, say, the Galaxy Note 8,one of which I happily own, you'll find the S note app, a very handy and versatile note taking app in which you use your own handwriting AND the rest of the S memo features.

when using voice to text I can say comma and there will be a comma -- but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the damn thing to react as if to an enter button for a new paragraph or to just go down a line. I use Memo most of all for making lists and having to tap to quit voice, hit the enter and then hit the mic icon to go back to voice pretty much eliminates most of the value of voice to text for me in that app.

Any info on this? Or perhaps should I be using another app for making lists?

thanks in advance,

Hi Kay, you can say "new paragraph" in Google Keep (another note taking app). Google Keep synchs across devices and even Windows 8 (app).

When I read your question I wondered the same thing as I have tried it before to no avail, also. I used Google voice search to do a search for an answer and when I said "How do I start a new paragraph using Android speech recognition?" In the search box it typed "How do I start a" and then skipped a line and continued "using Android speech recognition?". So it took the words "new paragraph" as a command! This told me "Google text-to-speech" understands the command, but "Samsung text-to-speech" doesn't. I tried Google Keep and it works fine.

Edit : the great news is... Simply change your text-to-speech engine to Google and it works perfectly in S Memo and all other apps. I just tried it now.

Further to my reply to Kay, I realised I lost the plot lol. Text-to-speech recognition has nothing to do with it. Voice Recogniser setting has to be Google! However, after further testing I have discovered "new paragraph" works reliably as long as you say it IMMEDIATELY after saying "comma" or "period". If you hesitate or pause after saying the punctuation mark then saying "new paragraph" won't work (it actually gives you a single space). You can also say "new line" to move to the next line if you don't want to drop 2 lines and create a new paragraph.

Hope this helps.

The best feature wad not mentioned. That is when on a phone call, you can bring up the options menu and their is a potion to use use S-Note while on a call for those times you need to write down a number while on a call and have no pen or paper

Would like to know how to pull up the event calendar faster and learn how to edit it. The alerts are very useful tool.
Can not seem to find much info help in this direction. Other wise it is a very helpful web page, just wished more was covered.

All the previous memos from my S2 are organized by date and not subject heading. I'd like to have new heading on the old ones if possible. Any ideas?

I've added a picture to a memo. How do I edit the picture after saving the memo? I try tapping on the picture and the cursor just moves to the spot.

Please help. How do I use speech to text in S memo on galaxy s4. I've looked everywhere and cant seem to find the answer on how to do so. Im at my wits end with this, please help.

Hi. thanks for this informative article. i just got an s4 mini after i had iphone 4. can you email a note in the s memo directly from the note? with the iphone i used to go on the note, touch screen to get email. i can't seem to find something similar on the s4 mini. thanks

Hi, I have a samsung s4mini & wonder if there's a way to change the name of a previously saved note. I was able to do it once & swear i had just touched the eraser icon. I have not been able to reproduce this again.

Rest your finger for a moment on the icon for the UNOPENED note. This will cause a set of commands to appear on the screen. One of the options will be to RENAME the note.

i have a samsung galaxy s4. have been using S memo to write a journal. it says this app is not compatible with my new Chromebook. how do i print what i already wrote on S memo app?

Is there anyway to write a handwritten S memo and then send the handwritten note as the body of an email?
I know I can send it as an attachment. But I want the handwriting to be in the body, the main part, of the email.
Maybe there is any other software which does this. Any ideas?
Can you answer to JLandfield@financemgt.com, too?


I just received a replacement Galaxy S4 due to problems with the old one. On my old phone I managed to have a S Note show on my Home Screen. I could actually read what it said. Now that I've switched phones, I have the icon for S Note on the Home Screen but I have to click it to open it, then click the small note to activate it, then click again to edit. I've tried everything I can think of to get the readable note back on my home page. On the old phone I wasn't able to edit the note without going into the application, but I could read my grocery list from the home page. Now I just have the icon.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

Have you tried
-> press+hold on a home page
-> add 'Apps and Widgets'
-> select the 'Widgets' tab (top)
-> swipe to locate 'S Memo 2x2'
-> Select 'S Memo 2x2' by Press+Hold top drag to the desired location.
-> Use the dots to resize, then click off the note to finish.
-> S-Memo will launch, select an existing, or new note to display on your home screen.

I hope this helps!

I'm having a problem using the copy & paste feature. Can you provide the step-by-step procedure to copy & paste text within an S Memo file?

In my S Memo in a Galaxy cellular phone all of a sudden a Sinc icon showed up in the upper left corner of all of the memos. What does it mean and what am I supposed to do?

This happened to me and I seem to have lost all my memos. I have no idea where they synced to as I did not yet have a Samsung or Dropbox account set up yet. Do bummed.

Hey guys, i need help.
I have deleted by mistake some texts on my S Memo app and i need to retrieve them.
Does exist any way to do it?
Please its Very important. Thanks
I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, if it helps...

I was using s memo on a samsung galaxy 4 , on which i had saved a voice note and was trying to transcribe it . In order to transcribe i pause the voice note. When i tries to start it again i am not sure what happened but i seemed to have lost the voice note all together. Can it be that a voice note can be lost so easily? The s memo with the voice note was saved and the page displays that a voice note is present but when i open the note the voice note icon does not appear. WHat can I do? Is it lost forever? or can I retrieive it?

Hi, I'm in need of some help. I switched devices a few days ago. Now I'm trying to find a memo which was password protected but it's not there. All of the other memos made it over to the new device. Not sure what happened. I synced before the switch. Any ideas? Thanks.

can i make the note background white, not yellow,
so that when i print note, it doesn't print a gray background?

Posted via the Android Central App

I had a lot of memos stored on this app. One day I loaded it up and all my save notes disappeared. is there a way to get those notes back?