Filter AIR apps through appbrain

Now that Adobe AIR is available for Android (Android 2.2 or higher), we're all on the lookout for the apps!  It's not difficult for developers to publish their AIR applications to the Android Market, so it was only a matter of time before enough went live that a method to make them easy to find was needed, and the folks at AppBrain are all over it.  Simply hit up the AppBrain website, and enter "adobe-air" into the search box (or just click here), and you'll be presented with the list of current AIR applications available, which you can install just like any app via AppBrain.  I recommend starting with SkyTunes just to see what AIR can really do. [via @TheAppBrain]

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robby2769 says:

Why can't i find adobe air or apps on the market? Flash is gone to! Wth!!!

The air Apps are in the market. The he easiest way to get them is via appbrain. I like to play the Meteor app.

likwidsoul says:

Ultimate hooker punch is awesome.

Impulses says:

Is SkyTunes any better than stuff like SugarSync or Subsonic for streaming music? I haven't tried any of them yet, been reading up while my desktop is out of commission... I'm wondering what most people are using to stream music off their desktops.