Google today (as noted in an email from Communications Policey Manager Derek Slater) released an updated Transparency Report, in which it gives rough numbers for the number of times the government has requested information on its users. It's definitely worth a look-see. Also worth a few minutes of your time is the video you see here, which provides a simple, rough (and entertaining) look at the process your data goes through should it come under scrutiny. [Google]


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How Google handles government requests for your data


Informative and cleaver, but to be honest, the cow wanted screen time.

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90% of the time Governments around the world spy on innocent people OR low-level criminals while 90% of the real terrorists goes undetected. Terrorists are not as stupid as we think....They are well aware of the surveillance and probably more "connected" (politically, law enforcement or otherwise) than most of us. Who the hell use Gmail for criminal activities anyway?

Ha, I was thinking the same thing. This is like "come use Gmail, where your criminal activity is hard to get to." on the other end like you said, if you are in practice of anything illegal why would you do it through the Internet? I wouldn't be worried about Google. I'd be concerned about any which way this data could be accessed. Heck, I wouldn't even writ things down on paper let alone anywhere on a computer.

Disclaimer have not committed any criminal activity, ha.

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Isn't that the cow from South Park?
What do Canadian cows have to do with US search warrants?


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That was wonderful. I think Google should have gone into film making. that was good.

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Yea I like how they paint the picture but in reality if the government wants everything they will get everything ...its okay goolge we're not mad at you anyway.

Government.... Shitbags looked up to by sheep like a religion. No matter how horrendous the outcome everyone wants more.

EVO 4G LTE still doing work!

Right? Its disgusting. They're invading our personal lives and people are still skeptic. Skeptic until they're out of time.

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First of all, government was organized to represent a large mass of people for the best interest of the people and of the country. Unfortunately that has changed , but people that look at the government have different reasons for doing it than people who want to be religious. I see your veil attack on a specific category of people and I don't see the point if it. People look to government to gain material and are generally leeches whereas the other group looks to gain spiritual and are seeders, they give back and help the ones in need. Religion that is pure is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world. What exactly is wrong with that?

How FB handles it:
Guy with Shiny Badge asks: I will need..
FB: Here it is in HD on a CD, 3 paper color copies, a Floppy Disk, Thumb Drive, already emailed it to you and put it on your iTunes. Have a nice day random guy with shiny medal!

My exact thoughts. For the tens of millions of Google's customers NOT based in the US, the government pretty much has full access, I think. No fourth amendment for us.

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Now were is the video showing how they are legally required to bend over and create a back door for FISA requests and not report that transaction to the user?

Misinformative video because most people watching will think this is the complete story and get back to their lives when this is only half.

Basically that video shows how they handle government requests. I want to know how they handle NSA request. Oh wait...

"The numbers we display here reflect the total sum of all the requests we're reporting." They should clarify, otherwise, this means nothing. They could be reporting less that they denied in 2009, and more that they denied in 10/11/12/13...

Yes, Google, distract us with cows and silly mustache jokes.

Also, what is the policy in regards to *selling* our information to other companies? I'm assuming it's just the cow who's protecting it in that case?