Android Honeycomb statue

It took a little while longer than its cousins, but the Honeycomb statue has finally arrived at Building 44 on Google's Mountain View, Calif., campus. There she be, with a honeybee and the Android robot facing off. Pretty cool, actually. [via @cyngus]

And if you missed it earlier this month, be sure to check out our jaunt to Building 44 during the Honeycomb event. It's after the break.

Update: Video from Google's Dan Morrill of the statue being transported is also after the break. Very cool.


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Honeycomb statue finally at Google campus


Not only do we take the coming of the statues as the imminent arrival of the software, but it can go the other way around too!

Man can u imagine working for these guys. U don't have to have android but how can u say its not cool