Android Honeycomb statue

It took a little while longer than its cousins, but the Honeycomb statue has finally arrived at Building 44 on Google's Mountain View, Calif., campus. There she be, with a honeybee and the Android robot facing off. Pretty cool, actually. [via @cyngus]

And if you missed it earlier this month, be sure to check out our jaunt to Building 44 during the Honeycomb event. It's after the break.

Update: Video from Google's Dan Morrill of the statue being transported is also after the break. Very cool.

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I was wondering how they would pull this one off... pretty cool

Kyran says:

Not only do we take the coming of the statues as the imminent arrival of the software, but it can go the other way around too!

bjordan says:

I agree it does look cool. Now hopefully they'll release the Honeycomb source code soon. :/

Yeah I have to agree. This one is really cool. My favorite of the bunch.

Dhamp2g says:

Man can u imagine working for these guys. U don't have to have android but how can u say its not cool

techh10 says:

hide android hide the bee is gonna get you

bankrupcyus says:

Can you imagine if Apple did something lame like this?What is this, the local McDonald's play area?Where's Hamburglar?

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