Looking for a new Android Device? Our Forum Ambassadors want to help!

Read our Ambassadors’ Holiday Device Guide for some great insight into your next device purchase

With the holidays fast approaching, our Ambassador Team here at Android Central thought it would be appropriate to put together a quick holiday device guide. The guide gives you a quick look into what Android devices they’re using, and why.

The Holidays are upon us once again. In a few short weeks, most people will be bustling about trying to find that perfect gift for that one person. Cell phones and tablets are becoming popular gift ideas. Christmas time is also a time when carriers are cutting prices just to get people in the door. 

Android Central Ambassadors VDub2174, and Eclipse2K originally thought of this idea, and as Ambassadors, we collectively agreed that a list of our personal devices giving pros and cons of what we have used, and how we even set up our devices. In this manner, anyone cruising through the forums can get a breakdown of several popular devices among almost all the carriers.

If you’re trying to find a new Android device for yourself or that special someone, give this guide a read. It’s super helpful, and was put together with YOU in mind.

The guide is thorough to say the least… so if you’d like some insight from the most helpful forum members at Android Central … check it out!

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Reader comments

Looking for a new Android Device? Our Forum Ambassadors want to help!


What if I want a Android flip phone? Actually serious.
It's so hard to find data on it since most of them are imports.

A good idea for those weighing up their options, a compiled list in one place :-)

Posted via Android Central App

Thank you for the positive feedback on this idea. As a group us Ambassadors wanted to do something helpful for this community and this was a something we all agreed on being an excellent contribution.

Chanlion, I have seen those over seas but not over here. Funny but true story though. I dreamed just a week before the Droid Maxx came out that when it was delivered I had an insane Droid Maxx Flip Phone. :D

-Eclipse2K (AC Ambassador)

I would like to echo Eclipse2K's comment about the positive feedback. This idea originated from our posts between each other. In posting this guide, since most of the major device are now out, and between all the Ambassadors, we have at least one of each and gave as honest feedback as we could.

That all being said, if this helps at least one person, I think we will all be satisfied.

Golfdriver97 AC forums Ambassador

I'm glad to see a great response from everyone on the forums.

This was a fun guide to write because we got to let everyone know what we're using as well as show you guys & gals how we set up our devices. This guide was perfect for the holiday season, a time where new devices are sold as fast as they come in.

I hope this helps while people are out getting new devices :)

-VDub2174 (AC Ambassador)