If you're an Android gamer, you have to take a look at Reaper from Hexage. Released today on Google Play, it's an action side-scroller with heavy RPG influence, and incredible graphics and smoothness. You play as the Black Swordsman, and move through quests and levels slaying monsters both easy and hard.

The controls are a little complicated on a touch screen, but the good news is that the game is optimized for other input methods. Designed for controllers like the NVIDIA Shield or MOGA controller, as well as asdf / space bar controls for dockable tablets like the ASUS Transformers or the HP SlateBook X2 pictured above.

The first 10 levels are completely free — meaning no in-app purchases required — but after that you'll need to upgrade to the premium edition. There are three packages available, with the basic full game starting at $2.99 and the full Dark Legend edition, with item sets and new gameplay modes checking in at $4.99.

This one looks like an excellent, immersive little game and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Grab the free version at the link above, and check the video and screen shots after the break.

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tylerb2002 says:

cool-looking game! But I think there's an errant screenshot that snuck it's way in there =)

Thanks for the recommendation Jerry, will definitely be checking this out tonight.

SpookDroid says:

Ah, those lovely fingerprint smudges :P

Saneless says:

Now this is "Free" gaming I can get behind. Basically a demo with a one-time fee to unlock the full version. No evil psychology involved to make you pay to avoid pain.

This is all I ever want.

katnapper421 says:


Hiberny says:

Great. Now I won't get any work done for at least a week.

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bigtank says:

why it gotta be a BLACK swordsman??

draggnazzo says:

Wel.. lets give it a try... :D

Thx for the advice!

its fun

flagg902 says:

Thanks Jerry. Hexage has such visually striking games, and I can't pass up a fun RPG.

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I love seeing old school looking rpgs coming out

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