KitKat on the Samsung Galaxy S4

So you have one of the many older Samsung devices that are still stuck on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or older, and you're wondering when you'll get that Android 4.4.2 KitKat update that Samsung promised back in February. A lot of devices have received their updates, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and even the Galaxy S3, as well as the Galaxy Note 10.1 — 2014 edition tablet and Galaxy Note 3 phablet. But what about your phone? Well, according to an internal Samsung doc, we've at least got a timeframe we can give you.

The fine folks over at SamMobile got their hands on the document, which lists the projected update release for a number of devices. Coming in this month of May, updates are expected for the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note 3 Neo. June will see the LTE variants of the S3 receiving KitKat, along with the Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Grand 2, and both sizes of the Galaxy Mega.

Of course, as an internal status report these release dates are subject to change, but it's nice to know that Samsung expects to be releasing a good portion of their promised KitKat updates by the end of next month.

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Here's when you can expect your Samsung device to get Android 4.4.2 KitKat


My Sprint Note 3 has KitKat but my girlfriends Verizon Note 3 doesn't!

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Right.. NO VZW.. as usual.. going to Sprint July when i Vzw contract is over. tired of the ridged attitude.

Going by AT&T logic, add 4-6 months to what Samsung lists. They don't usually list carrier updates.

If you are holding on to your Sprint GS3 but its not activated you can't download the OTA. You will need to grab the file from XDA. the link it shows the update for the S3 non-LTE has been cancelled, and the LTE version gets its update in May.

Yep, been waiting forever. Thankfully most Google updates are through apps and play services otherwise id be more pissed

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I'm running kitkat 4.4.2 my Verizon Note 3. Root your phone and do whatever you want.

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To hell with kitkat..... Used to complain RIM on Verizon for no/late updates but this note3 with Verizon is the limit.

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Yea wasn't a great report for Verizon this quarter wonder if this will continue with the arrogance they show their customers.

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Don't update to Kitkat if you still want SD card access. I regret updating mine Galaxy S4. Bootloader is locked on AT&T so I can't root it and get my SD card access back.

And battery life absolutely sucks on my T-Mobile Note 3 after the update. I wish I could revert the upgrade...

Me too. The update kills my battery and affects data connection. I will have full bars but not receiving any data service, it happened when I did the update. If I could, I'd go back to jelly bean...kitkat has just not been a good experience for actually makes me dislike my note 3...and I normally really like it.

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You still have SD card access. App developers need to update their apps to work with the new security settings.

I can't root. I have rooted before my employer has some crap that detects it when connected to their server for email. I have even tried root cloak and it bypassed that. So stock with no root anyways.

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Is it their phone? If so I understand but if not and it's your device that's a bunch of crap. I wouldn't have my work email on my phone.

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Going forward SD cards are going to act different. I have been listening to podcasts left and right about it.

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I wouldn't go to that extreme, but I understand where you are coming from.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

What about the GS3? I love the phone still and I rather have the official update and not a rom. Nore do I want to fish out more money just so I can be up to date.

Who made these leaked list anyway? No trustworthy at all.. There is no mention about Galaxy Note 10.1 although the kitkat build is under testing...
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Hhhhmmmm, didn't they originally say the Galaxy Note 8.0 would get 4.4.2? Seems no tablets are listed now.

From the article is states "GT-I9300 update has been cancelled due to unsolved problems". The S3 LTE (GT-I9305) will get the update so not sure what the problem is. Apart from the radios and the memory I thought they were identical in terms of CPU, GPU, etc.

Obviously Touchwiz wants to be a memory hog and is killing the system even though 4.4 is supposed to be more memory efficient.

Ah well, I guess it's good for the missus, she will get an update and I'll just have to upgrade to a new phone :)

Bell Canada SGH-i317M here and still waiting. I love me some kitkat :)

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Anyone have any information on the Tab 3 tablets? I can't seem to find a time line anywhere for those. I've got the wifi only version of the Tab 3 8"

My note 2 has been running kitkat for over a week now :) gave my phone new life, I'm not even running a custom rom and it's blazing fast.

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A friend of mine got an update on his Verizon S3 today. No idea what it was though. He left work before I could check.

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It was a small update to improve Note 2 voice command performance with the Gear

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My factory-unlocked Note 3 hasn't received the update yet :( Apparently the region it comes from hasn't seen it come to light... grrrrr

My friend says that he got his Kit Kat update for his Sprint SGS3 this morning! I am still waiting for mine, however.

Past history of ALL US carriers and their pitiful (lack of) effort with android updates has proven that your only trustworthy update source are custom ROM developers. KitKat versions for US versions of most Samsung phones have been out for MONTHS! And without all that internal SD hogging bloatware that very few people even use....EVER!!! My S3 i747 has been on CM11 for a few months - since my warranty ended in the Fall last year. It works so fast and more CyanogenMod updates will be coming soon after Google releases them. 4.4.3 coming soon! Then 4.4.4? 5.0? I won't need to get another phone until this one breaks!

There seems to be two different type of people in this forum...

1. Verizon Wireless Note 3 users who want KitKat, even threatening to leave Verizon for an inferior carrier to get this minor update

2. People who have already upgraded to KitKat who hate it, list numerous problems which everyone already knows about and regrets the update, even wishing they had the option to go back.

Still waiting for AT&T to release kit kat on note 2. Tired of all this waiting due for upgrade in July going with iPhone 5s. Android has really let me down.

Virgin Mobile SGS3 - Just upgraded from 4.3 OS to 4.4.2 OS using KIES software. The OTA failed yesterday. I had the 4.3 OS from when I purchased the phone 3 weeks ago through HSN. Connected to netbook PC w/XP and d/l the KIES USB Drivers and the package immediately told me I had a software upgrade available. Backed up, and done! I was rooted and had Philz Touch Recovery 6 running. The upgrade software overwrote it all and I didn't have to ref lash or wipe anything. Now I want to obtain root again.

Virgin Mobile SGS3
Former - SPH-L710PUCMK5

Don't do it yos, I have the Galaxy Note 3 'phablet' (big as **** new aged PDA/Phone) and it's updated to KitKat. If you update You'll lose flash player..u may not seem to care but it downgrades many of your apps that utilize Flash, you tube freezes and randomly stops, Ur Web experience will will have to download certain Flash Embedded browsers that have many bugs still..I'm pretty sure this is the only online forum I've ever responded to..KitKat ain't ALL That!

Just updated to KitKat on Galaxy S3 on Verizon. Have not used it much but so far so good.
Verizon auto-installed the ISIS app - load your CC info into the phone then you can tap it on CC terminal devices at the store and your CC info will be transmitted via NFC to the CC terminal. Cool, but I won't use that. I can pull my card from my wallet easier than pulling my phone from my pocket and turning it on and swiping and entering security code (I assume you would have to do all that for it to work, but maybe not). But more importantly I just don't feel that entering my card info in my phone is the most secure thing to do, particularly if the phone is lost or stolen. If NFC will still work even if I report it stolen and the carrier drops the account, someone might still be able to make purchases with my phone. I'm sure I'll think of calling my carrier if I lose the phone but doubt I will remember to call my credit card company when I lose the phone.