To our American readers: Happy Thanksgiving Day. May we all spend it with friends, family, food and football.

To everybody outside the U.S.: Pardon us for a day (or so) as we eat more than usual, drink more than usual. watch more football than usual, and basically take the day off.

Don't worry, we'll be back on Friday, just in time for all o of the shopping madness.

And a slight program change: This week's Android Central Podcast will be at 7 p.m. EST / 4 p.m. PST Friday night, with special guest Craig Johnston. You will be there.


Reader comments

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Happy Thanks Giving Android Central and all the little droids out there. To our men and woman in service to our country where ever they are, a very special Happy Thanks Giving, and be home soon.

I'm sure I saw that turkey yesterday driving in his car while talking on his cell-phone. Happy Thanksgiving all. Don't be a turkey :)