Samsung Exhibit II 4G

A few weeks ago T-Mobile announced their first no-contract 4G device, the Samsung Exhibit II 4G which is an upgrade of the not so old Samsung Exhibit 4G. T-Mobile took to some pretty agressive pricing to help move this device pricing it at only $199 without a contract, or $29 if you wished to sign a contract for some odd reason. Most of the time we associate a low cost device with a low quality device, but Samsung has done an exceptional job with this device.

The overall build quality is extremely nice, the device has a 3.7-inch WVGA display which is rather vibrant and displays colors beautifully. On the back you have a 3MP camera so if you were looking to replace your point and shoot, this may not do it for you, but it also includes a front facing camera which is great for video chatting with the family. Powered by a 1GHz processor the device moves fluently, and the TouchWiz that is running over Android 2.3.5 gives you the most current Gingerbread version, even on a device with such a low price point.

Pair this low cost device with a low cost monthly plan and you could have yourself a beautiful piece of Samsung hardware running a recent version of Android. Hit the break for a quick hands on video as well as some more shots of the device.


Samsung Exhibit II 4G  Samsung Exhibit II 4G

Samsung Exhibit II 4G  Samsung Exhibit II 4G

Samsung Exhibit II 4G  Samsung Exhibit II 4G


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Hands-on with the Samsung Exhibit II 4G


It has 512MB of RAM, the phone is actually quite thin, its about the same thickness as a Mytouch 4G, shares the same processor as the Mytouch 4G, although not quite as snappy most likely because it has a bit less RAM than the Mytouch 4G. Comes with about 2GB of ROM and no SD card. The screen is nice, this is essentially a Galaxy W that is underclocked to 1Ghz instead of 1.4Ghz and a different back camera. It runs apps well the only time I notice lag thats not on the Mytouch 4G is scrolling thru the web browser, the phone is light in comparison to the Mytouch with its metal accents.

How many low end phones does T-Mobile need? It will end up costing $2000 over two year and will be out of date and under powered the day you buy it.

It will never see ICS because it is too stripped down.

The phone is $189, and a prepaid plan with 100 minutes voice (plus 10 cents a minute overage), unlimited text and 5GB high speed data is $30 a month. Using wifi or 4G calling keeps the minutes under control. Two year cost is under $1000.

"will be out of date and under powered the day you buy it"

Compared to what? Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II? Price one of those out over 2 years and you are in the 2-3 thousand range. Most people don't need more phone than this. Maybe you do.

i got this phone yesterday from walmart i activated this morning it said need 24 hours to port my old phone number,any way the phone is great so far, using it through wifi, i like the wifi call app (free of charge phone calls ).most thing i like is how small it is and how comfortable in hand but still with a very nice size screen.with nice phones like this on prepaid no more contracts for me any more ,(8 year verizon customer) fair well verizon hope you enjoy your brick size cellphones and outrages charges.

The wifi calling is not free on prepaid plans. It uses your minutes unless you go to an app that uses Google voice to make voice calls using wifi or 4G.

It's not exactly a low end device its midrange for todays standards and could easily run ICS it shares the same processor with HTC phones that should get ICS.

Honestly, if you are thinking of getting this phone to use on pre-paid I would recommend looking for a used myTouch 4G instead, I just picked one up for $130 to use on T-Mobile Prepaid with their $30 100min, 5GB 4G plan.

For around $70 less I got:
- Slightly bigger screen (3.8 vs 3.7)
- Slightly better camera (5mp vs 3mp)
- More ram (768mb vs 512mb)
- And MOST IMPORTANTLY Developer support, Cyanogen Mod supports the myTouch 4G, which means I will eventually get to run Ice Creeam Sandwich!

I did consider the exhibit II, but the myTouch 4G offers more benefits at a better price! Can't wait for some tasty Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Ya its essentially the same phone, same processor and all but yes compared to my MyTouch 4G it is a bit more sluggish, not by too much, most people won't really notice but the slightly less RAM does make a bit of a difference, although it could be a software thing as well. I do like the size of the Exhibit 2 though, its shorter and has less wasted space on the bezzel. The screen also seems to perform better than the Mytouch 4G.

I am newbie Smartphone user/geezer. I bought the Exhibit II because it seemed like a pretty decent phone with lots of cool features and I could afford it and then get the $30 T-Mobile plan.

So now that I have had it for a week or so and I have been soaking up as much info as I can from the internet about smart phones and Android I still am happy with my purchase. The phone sure does have a lot of capabilities, much more than I ever realized these devices have. I think of it as a very small PC that can also make a phone call with.

I just wish there was a way to get rid of all the pre-loaded app's I will never use. And I would like the screen to be easier to see when outside of a house or building. Even inside my truck, the screen gets hard to read because of ambient light. Other than that, I have no complaints. :)