You've heard the news: Samsung's I7500 is going to be the company's First Android Device. You've seen the specs: the Samsung I7500 packs a good punch. Now here's some hands-on photos courtesy of mobile review.

Some observations: there looks to be a 3.5mm headphone jack which should be a welcome addition considering HTC's current affair with ExtUSB, it seems to use microUSB for charging, and from the photos, it looks pretty good to us.

Hit the jump for more hands-on pictures of the Samsung I7500 and be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!

[via androidcommunity]


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Hands On: Photos of Samsung's First Android Device, the I7500


Looks nice and stylish but if its anything like my Samsung phone quality wise its something to avoid.

It looks ok I'm still rather partial to my G1 I got 1 when it first came out but it was stolen when my insurance finally came thru I was sent a new G1 that was defective I heard rumors of a G2 when I sent the defective phone back but it did not seem to have the qwerty keyboard wich is why I went with the G1 instead of the iPhone and Blackberry Storm in the first place I had a hunch that the digital touch screen would be a pain and when confering with both iPhone and Storm users they confirmed that the digital touch screen keyboard is not all its cracked out to be the iPhone user auctually described it as a quote"pain in the @$$" so without confirmation of a full qwerty keyboard and strong suspicion of the G2 being completely touchscreen I decided to stick with the original Google Android G1 wich has'nt let me down yet I am definitly never going to be be able to use any other Mobile Operating System with the exception of my beloved Blackberry Curve wich is what I used before Android and the Bberry Pearl before that(wich I quickly learned to strongly dislike upon purchace of the Curve) and I could possobly see myself giving a sidekick a try but if I'm not mistaken is made by samsung wich I'm not a fan of but in a nutshell I would say if you are a PDA user and can't decide between AT&T's iPhone Verizon's Blackberry Storm and T-Mobile's Android G1 I would say go with T-Mobile and don't gamble with any of the new Android PDA's...unless you are absolutely certin stick with the original G1 b.c it is almost certin to please and deliver you everything you are looking for in a PDA and the customability is cool also