Chevy Volt

Hot on the heels of the news this week that the Chevy Volt is getting Google Maps support comes our hands-on with the upgraded Android app. You'll remember much of this from our hands-on at CES in January. But new this time around is the ability to locate the Volt anywhere from your phone, feed directions to the car's on-board navigation system from your phone, and otherwise make it the coolest electric-gas (the gasoline engine is only used to power the generator) vehicle we'll likely see this year. Check it out after the break.


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Hands-on with the Chevy Volt OnStar Android app [#io2010]


very nice app..wish i didnt have to fast forward every 30 seconds. i found it very VERY boring to frustrated now hahaha

Why are they wasting their time building an app that a couple dozen hippies are going to use (that is if said hippies dont think cell phones give you cancer)

It is also interesting that they are developing such an intensive app for a car that is not even available yet, and is not expected to be in show rooms until late fall of 2010 possibly not even until 2011. To top it all off this car is going to cost $40,000 pffft i say ... pffft

The car and that app will be a failure , 40K for a electric car that Government Motors builds ?? yeah OK LOL !!!!!

Hey guys, first off the Volt price will likely be in the high 20's after the $7500 tax credit. Not too bad for a car that will cost you zero dollars at the pump for 40 miles of daily driving. It's literally like $0.80 in electricity for a full charge, which gets you 40 miles!

Not to mention this is first generation technology. The costs for EV's like the Volt -just like the costs for our Android phones- will go down as more are made.

Second, if we want to avoid more crap like what's gushing into the Gulf of Mexico right now or avoid $100 fill ups the next time gas prices spike, these cars start to make more sense.

check out

By the way, google "White Zombie 1972 Datson." Dude converted this thing in his garage to run on pure electricity, now his car goes 0 to 60 in three seconds and smokes Corvettes.