Look what happens when you release Skype to the masses. They go ahead and change it so anyone can make calls over 3G. The app once exclusive to Verizon customers only, went live the other day for any Android user running Android 2.1 and above. 

User xeudoxus at DroidForums decided he didn't like the idea of a WiFi only Skype app. So, he went ahead and well -- fixed it. Now, whether this is the most ethical or even legal change to an app, we're not quite sure. If you're brave enough to give it a shot (and don't mind a little gray-market software), give it a shot. [DroidForums]


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Hacked Skype app allows 3G calling


Hmm trying to install it but it won;'t allow me to log in after install I am on a Rooter Samsung Fascinate. Any ideas?

The "official" Skype app doesn't support Galaxy S devices, so it's not totally surprising that the modified version doesn't support our phones, either.

It's supposedly working on Galaxy S phones running leaked 2.2, but this version doesn't officially support Galaxy S phones yet

In this case the gray on the software i don't see it as such.. This is a free app, so developers are not loosing money, and it gives skype a bigger market share, so is better for them
Not good for the Carriers though, and it may not work very good since it is not thought for this kind of connections.....

If you read this pretty much same application is built for 3g outside the US so I am sure they just disabled it for the US.

if you downloaded it from the market they specifically say

- Some handsets (e.g Samsung Galaxy S) are not currently supported

Thanks StuRoid thats a much better way to tell someone as I never downloaded this from the market which I am sure many have not this tells them why its not working.

OK .... The same complaints as when Skype was "freed" from Verizon
Skype don't support Galaxy S phones......
Only difference in this mod is that supports call over 3G
Please read carefully the articles!!!!

I'm gonna post the Galaxy S Phones I know of in the USA that are NOT SUPPORTED YET BY SKYPE



You don't need to be a jerk about this. The article above and the one they link to does not say anything about samsung galaxy phones not working.

So if you read the article you are posting in you will see its not there. I did not go looking around the internet for all related articles to this one.

You could just as easily say you read somewhere that skype does not support Galaxy S Phones and been polite about it. No need to be a jerk.

Check past the first 2 lines of that description:

"- Data plan or WiFi connection required (calling in U.S - WiFi only)"

If you're located anywhere other than the US then yes, you have 3G support. If you're in the states then you're stuck on WiFi unless you install this hack.

Boy you hit that nail on the head. Night and day difference between Skype and Fring. Skype is crystal clear on My Nexus on 3G.

THANKS A MILLION Xeudoxus!!!!!
I have a Sprint EVO running stock 2.2 and Skype is now connecting via 4g. So far its a great hack!!!!

Can Xeudoxus hack the flag that allows it to live on the MicroSD?

I'll definitely "Beer Him" for that hack.


First the good news that skype does work great on the nexus one on both wifi and 3G. Call quality is astounding on both.

But you can't close this app and it takes up a lot of memory and won't install to microSD.

You can force close it, but it will jump right back in memory in a few minutes.

It runs 9 or 10 processes. It's huge.

I'm not seeing the memory problem. A force stop under manage applications>running removed it and it has not started back up. Can anyone else confirm this?

I found it reloads each time I move from wifi to 3g or vice versa.

This may be a connectivity "feature". Skype needs a proper Exit feature to deregister for this service.

cant get it to install on droid x. I had it once and it was working. Really slow, deleted, redownloaded and tried to reinstall. It reboots everytime, after starting install. Any ideas?

Working great on my G2 thus far using both wifi and HSPA+. No crashes or reboots and I haven't noticed any memory issues. Callers on the other end have all reported that the audio quality is fantastic using both wifi and HSPA+.