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GoPro has launched a free companion app for their rugged mountable HD cameras. The Android app provides access to the whole suite of settings, and offers a live preview of what the camera sees, which should help with framing when you're about to leap out of an airplane, wingsuit to the slopes, land on a snowboard, pop a backflip off the first jump, and chug a Mountain Dew mid-air.

Before getting all extreme, be sure your phone is running Android 4.0 and up and that your GoPro camera is loaded with the most recent software. Also, the Hero 3 cameras aren't compatible just yet. though updates are on the way. For the time being, only Hero 2 cameras with Wi-Fi BacPac accessories work. 

Any GoPro owners out there? What do you use the camera for? Will a mobile app really help things along? 


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GoPro app for Android now available


I've got a Go Pro with WiFi app will help things out if it's got a more user friendly UI than the Go Pro's stock remote. I use mine for mountain biking and auto racing, mostly. Previewing the shot will be killer for those times you're mounting the camera in a place you can't quite tell what will be in the shot until you start filming.

Use mine for skiing, motorcycle racing, car rallies, basically anything where a cheap HD camera can come in handy. The preview shot will be great to set up the camera before heading out. Ive been using GoPros since they debuted and Ive had many hot laps lost because the camera was pointed just slightly down, or just slightly up and didnt get the angle I wanted to record.

Awesome, I've already downloaded it and tried it out (at 2:20 in the morning!).

I have a Hero2 that I use scuba diving, hiking and on my motorcycle. Definitely more useful now with the live preview. It was a long and, at times frustrating, wait, but it seems to work pretty well. I timed a 2 second delay in the live preview which is understandable and acceptable. Was a little worried when people reported a 3 to 5 second delay with the iOS version of the app.

All fine and dandy, but I have a question about the Video and Photo of the day. How can you be connected to the internet AND to the GoPro at the same time?

Your GoPro and smart phone are connected on a Peer to Peer basis, not via the internet. Think of it as similar to a blue tooth connection. They are only using each others wi fi signals to connect. You are unlikely to have wi fi on the mountain so your phone is connecting to the internet via 3g. In fact it would probably be a good idea to turn roaming data off if you are going to use the wi fi option to preserve batterylife on yourphone.

I have that same question! I cannot go online while being connected to the camera.....since the phone thinks that the wifi signal is a legit source of in/out data stream.

only way to go around this is when im not recording, i turn off wifi through power control widget, use the phone, and once done, turn wifi back on to connect to the gopro.

i havent much problem with it since i only use the phone for previewing what kind of shot and angle the camera will be recording. other than that, the wifi remote is whats connected most of the times..... and itll be a bit dangerous to handle the phone anyway while recording when i ride my motorcyle. lol.

This app will be a big help to me, the live preview especially. I use the GoPro for snowboarding, mountain biking, and wakeboarding.

I race cars, and I often have 2,3, or 4 GoPro's in/on the vehicle. Making sure everything is turned on/off when needed, that every camera is set up the way it needs to be and such is a bit of a pain.

Syncing video back to data acquisition is a pain from multiple cameras; however, no that I can turn them all on at once, syncing is no longer an issue.

I almost sold my Hero2 to pick up the Hero3, but glad I didn't now that the Hero3 isn't even supported. Seems like GoPro.. they never have everything working at once, or on time... the Android version is many, many months late from their many promised release dates.

hi i need to know if there is a way to live stream one gopro (2 or 3) from inside a rallycar to the internet directly and how?

i have iphone and samsung s3 android both 3g tethered hotspot i can put one in the car with the camera but how can i stream online using which app?

thank you in advance

@rlhammon I haven't found a way to operate more than one camera at a time with the Android app, since my phone's wifi only allows me to log into one wifi network (wifi backpack) at a time. Perhaps you've given all your cameras the same name and password?