Google released its second-quarter 2010 earnings this afternoon, announcing that revenues for April through June were up 24 percent to $6.82 billion. That's with a "b." A whole bunch of other "billion" figures were used, including $4.5 billion in site revenue, and $2.06 billion in partner revenue through AdSense.

You can find the whole breakdown here, and we'll be listening in on the conference call for any Android-related figures, which we'll post after the break.

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clrdust says:

With all the things going on for google def.

Kyle Gibb says:

listen live at

funkytoad says:

They must have whiffed against expectations - they're off $23/share after hours...

ceriem says:

revenue up 24% =/= profit up 24%. That's why the stock tumbled.

inhuman says:

Why doesnt Google buy HTC?
They would improve their OS and most important have the top hardware manufacturer for android phones.

ceriem says:

because HTC can't keep their phones in stock :P

mauritsm says:

Building smartphones is not the core competence of google.
HTC is much better at building smarthpones, and if they want to buy them they have to pay a lot of money (winner's curse)
There are some other bussiness-ecomic reasons not to do that.

If they're planning to do that, I would sell al my google's shares (welll actually i don't have google shares, i'm not that rich)

Rich Coralli says:

Not good. The are spending mucho more than they can afford. I mean there is only so much (read Android) you can give away for free