Google released its second-quarter 2010 earnings this afternoon, announcing that revenues for April through June were up 24 percent to $6.82 billion. That's with a "b." A whole bunch of other "billion" figures were used, including $4.5 billion in site revenue, and $2.06 billion in partner revenue through AdSense.

You can find the whole breakdown here, and we'll be listening in on the conference call for any Android-related figures, which we'll post after the break.


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Google's Q2 revenue up 24 percent


Why doesnt Google buy HTC?
They would improve their OS and most important have the top hardware manufacturer for android phones.

Building smartphones is not the core competence of google.
HTC is much better at building smarthpones, and if they want to buy them they have to pay a lot of money (winner's curse)
There are some other bussiness-ecomic reasons not to do that.

If they're planning to do that, I would sell al my google's shares (welll actually i don't have google shares, i'm not that rich)

Not good. The are spending mucho more than they can afford. I mean there is only so much (read Android) you can give away for free