Mark your calendars, folks. Google's earnings call for Q2 2014 has been scheduled for 1:30 p.m. PDT July 17. The usual materials will be on hand, of course, and its' the follow-up Q&A that we'll be sure to be around for.

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Google's Q2 2014 earnings call set for July 17


Let me guess they lost another 6 Billion dollars this last quarter?

Oh wait, I thought I was on Crackberry

ROFL but if you go to crackberry they'll be like "but..but this will come out soon and this will too" lol

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Blackberry is irrelevant and will continue to be with all the idiotic decisions they continue to make. The Passport has to be the ugliest device I have ever seen. But according to BB users its a beautiful device. But if Samsung made it they would mock its design.

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They can't depend their income on ads forever. It's time to diversify your sources Google.

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I find it amazing they continue to thrive on ads even though adblocking services are really, really easy to use. That tells me this ad model will be around for a very long time.

You do not have to actually see the ad, it counts when it is served from the host. Blocking doesnt matter, the request is still made and delivered....

Blocking does matter. If more people use blocking programs, the demand for online adds will decrease because companies know people aren't actually seeing or clicking on them.

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No the companies do not see that. They know that an ad was requested, and one was served back to the client computer. They have no idea if there is ad block on the receiving end.

On top of that google search result make up a vast revenue stream. Those are not blocked. In addition to, tons of websites use a custom google search, which serves up google ads. Then you have all those ads that you get with YouTube.

Advertising is not dying

They'll probably beat estimates. Meanwhile, Samsung is prepping for another YOY decrease in operating profit.

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Yes but until when will the YOY decrease keep on going? If the S5 isn't doing its job in fixing it, what will?

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It was one year and what 2 percent? R&D went up and so did a few other costs. The S5 just came out, they are rocking the Gear stuff (android and tizen), they are throwing out a Glass entry soon, the Note 4 is supposed to be the first product with a YOUM screen (only 2-5 years in R&D right there).

In other words, you have to spend money to make money. They spent it and now should see the fruits of that labor. 2% in profit decline is absolutely nothing to this company. Get worried when it is double digits a few years in a row.

They should just come on the call & say "We made Billions & Billions. What did you expect? Oh & by the way, we are buying the Moon too. We need a place to watch over our dominion."

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Since Google loves to buy things and shut them about buying Apple?

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lol. Apple has a 560 billion market cap...but who is counting...Google will miss earnings and the street will obsess about per click revenue while Page and Brin spend money on driverless cars and satellites which will offer free internet to the world! The stock will drop for a while then go back up. As a shareholder, I can't really complain! Google has been great!