Each year, Google takes a look back at the hottest searches. 

Gotta love that they closed with BatKid. Enjoy.

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maverick7526 says:

I'm pretty sure there is a NSFW version of what we searched for......

dhawk1202 says:

That's what I hoping this was. Very disappointing. ;-)

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slayer91790 says:

Love these types of videos! I wish it was a longer though.

Look up '2013: What Brought Us Together' on YouTube (or check the Reddit frontpage right now). It's a six-minute montage.

fjitb says:


Fable says:

Most of this was from the second half of the year and most from the 4th Q.. is this really a year in review?

sentinelred says:

It would be over an hour long if they included everything.

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Maybe people took a half year to get motivated. You know how unbelievably lazy people are now a days...

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SoreAintya says:

I'm calling shenannigans, not ONE Miley cameltoe twerking clip?

Your move Google

NoNexus says:

Ain't nobody got time for that

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

tostler says:

It's a great video and left me with a little lump in my throat.
Any longer and it would have felt manipulative.

clarker07 says:

The 2011 is my favorite and 2012 was pretty good too. This was a little lacking in comparison, but still good.

elvisgp says:

Love the breaking bad part.
Now... Say my name...

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Art Ramirez says:

Previous years have been better I think. This video wasn't as long.

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Batkid was the awesome story of the year. If it doesn't move you that so many people can come together to make that kid's day special, you're just not human.

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FortTech101 says:


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SoCalBIGmike says:

Can we get a better comment system? I want to LIKE peoples comments, up vote winners, down vote assholes, make it more interactive.