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Edit your Google+ photos with everything from simple tweaks to complete transformations

It seems that Google's acquisition of Snapseed is paying off again, as Google+ has just added a variety of photo editing tools based on its technology. The new tools can be found by viewing one of your photos in a lightbox and hitting the new "Edit" button above the image, where you'll then be given a sidebar with tons of new options. The tools are very clearly lifted directly from Snapseed (that isn't at all a bad thing), and give you options to tune and adjust, crop, rotate, add borders, selectively adjust, tilt-shift, apply several filters and more.

The tweaks go on and on, and can be mixed and matched as you see fit. When you're done editing an image you can choose to save it and have it replace the original, or you can always revert the changes if you're not happy with how things turned out. 

The new editing tools are rolling out gradually to users now, so don't be surprised if you don't see it show up on your own account for a little while. If you're anxious to try them out, make sure you're using Chrome, as the advanced editing features are restricted to just Google's browser at the moment.

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Google+ web interface adds new photo editing tools powered by Snapseed


Picnik was a Flash-based editor that forced an image resize down to 2048px. Looks like that tool is either dead, or the fallback for IE and Firefox.

Bad: New G+ photo editor won't load on my Chromebook.
Worse: Google's official troubleshooting advice is to install OS X 10.8.


Sweet. Next question out of ignorance other than nexus tablets which other new tablets are nfc equipped?

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It's great to be seeing Snapseed being used in the latest version of the Google+ app.

Via my Nexus 4.

Does not work on Windows 8. Why would Google make a tool that doesn't work on the latest OS? Somebody is (still) not thinking.

I love ...

New! Professional photo editing software for #Andorid!

Photosuite is a artboard based project, where crop tools, brush and any other is tweaked and very intuitive. Include all features of layers, mask, effects, filters, selection, text, brush, layers appearance - opaque, copy/paste anyware .. etc.

User interface support ultimate 480dpi resolution for 1920x1080 devices. UX is very optimized.

What thinking about all of this, only for $2.50?

Is anyone else still having problems loading the photo editor? I have the Chromebook with the latest version of Chrome. I also downloaded Chrome on my wife's Mac and it still doesn't work. This is the error message that I get:

"The photo editor couldn't be loaded. Click here to learn more."

Any advice?

Same problem here. I'll figure it out by myself since there's no clue about it.

PS: I'm using CrunchBang Debian Waldorf 64 bit. Using latest Google Chrome (downloaded from official download page), and using latest Graphic Card driver.