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If you're on the go and need to make a purchase at a website on your phone, it's always going to be a hassle to juggle your wallet in one hand and your phone in the other, trying to enter your credit card into a mobile site. Google is hoping to fix this, bringing Google Wallet credit card payments to mobile sites on your phone. The idea is that the site will integrate with the Google Wallet information already associated with your device, and let you auto-fill your name, billing address and card information into the proper fields of the website. Easy as that.

For everything to work properly, this is going to require that the websites partner up with Google and get it integrated just right. At launch, Google is partnering with, and -- although they're quick to note that partnerships are in the works with Finish Line,, Seamless, and more.

This is only going to become second nature if all of the most popular retailers are on board -- which turns into a "chicken and the egg" problem -- so Google is also offering discounts for using the service right now to try and get people interested in using Google Wallet for more than just NFC payments.

Source: Google Commerce Blog


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Google Wallet will soon let you make purchases on mobile sites


You can root the CDMA variant and sideload and use Google wallet. That's what a nexus does regardless of whether it's gsm/CDMA. Verizon just wanted to cash in on the wallet, hence they introduced Isis, which I'm sure at some point they have an overwhelming amount of control and a huge pay day. One they couldn't get through Google wallet.

Just my $0.02

This sounds like PayPal, I guess they won't be adding PayPal to the payment options of Google Wallet then...
In that case they also need to copy the PayPal option to connect to your bank account and not only connect to credit cards.

I added my pre paid debit card to the Google Wallet when that option was first available.Soooo Now that Google's Pre paid is no longer there my pre paid debit card takes its place.
I use my Google wallet everywhere that has the card readers that allows the Wallet to be used ,,, on both my vzw Nexus and vzw S3. :)

I assume you had to root your S3? I wanted to try Wallet but it of course says it is not allowed on my Verizon S3.

When did they scrap Checkout? All the websites that used to have a Google Checkout option still do as of the last time I checked, it is just integrated into Google Wallet and has been for a while now.