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Falling in line with other recent Google app updates, Google Wallet is being updated today with a simple quick account switcher so you can access your various Wallet accounts easily. You'll now have the option to switch between active Google Accounts from the slide-in panel on the left of the app — along with re-entering that account's PIN — on the fly. A far cry from the previous version, which required you to wipe out the app entirely and start over with a new account.

The new interface also scrambles up the settings a bit, bringing a quick access button in that same slide-in panel directly to your list of cards and accounts. The actual app settings are a bit cleaner as a result, which is always a bonus. The app has received an overall redesign recently, so there's no need for another one, but these quick changes make a lot of sense considering the direction Google's design has been moving to integrate multiple accounts.

You can grab a download of the latest Google Wallet app from the Play Store link at the top of this post.

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paulw3 says:

This item is not available in your country..

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Demonic16 says:

Still no link guys ;)

anscarlett says:

Wake me up when the news is "wallet rollout to <insert country name that is not America here>"

pre1561 says:

There's still no place that this can be used in my home city. Just like PayPal nobody takes a payment from Paypal except one store.

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S_C_B says:

No places in your area have NFC terminals?

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flychinook says:

Maybe it's the same problem as my area... Half of the NFC payment terminals are inactive, for no particular reason.

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tiger81t says:

Previously, Verizon blocked NFC payments in Google Wallet, in favor of their ISIS app. With this update, I'm now able to use NFC payments successfully with merchants. Thanks Google/Verizon!