Google Voice

Google Voice just got itself a nice little update today, with a slew of improvements coming down the pike. They are:

  • Asynchronous SMS sending (offline queuing) Google says it works synchronously for multiple recepients.
  • New style UI in Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Official user feedback menu on each screen. (Brought forward, out of the dogfood menu)


Head into the Android market to get your update on, or we've got download links after the break.

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Chondog says:

Are you sure these are the changes with the latest update? Seems like these were in the prior version.

coraphise says:

Maybe you got earlier notification of the update? I haven't seen notice on my device yet and didn't know it was released until now.

paulwcarlton says:

Correct What's New:
*Asynchronous SMS sending (offline queuing) - Note that it still works synchronusly for multiple recipients
*New style UI in Honeycomb and ICS
*Official user feedback menu on each screen (previously dogfood menu)

icebike says:

They failed to mention the new permission, Read sensitive Log data,
Perhaps used with the feedback menu.

Whoops. :p updated.

To get the update, log in to the market on your PC, go to Voice and hit install even though it already says installed. It will update on your phone.

vincentmac says:

I noticed this update when I downloaded Chrome but I'm having some issues. The market shows the new icon for Google Voice in "My Apps" and shows that an update is available. Click on the app to update and it brings my to the app details page but only shows the options to "Open" or "Uninstall" and shows the old Google Voice Icon. I'm using a GSM Galaxy Nexus.

vincentmac says:

Following @FormerIphoney's suggestion of installing via the web worked.

Fahrenheit says:

I have the same issue on CDMA GNex.

TallyHo says:

Mine updated, but the old icon was still on my homescreen. Had to delete it and then readd it to my homescreen from the app drawer to get the new icon.

greyhd says:

Gettin the same thing, anyone know how update?

trooper54 says:

still no mms =(

Really... when are they gonna add this feature.

hmmm says:

My icon didn't change. Maybe i have to clear my dalvik cache or something. Not that i really care.

Fahrenheit says:


hmmm says:

I think I figured it out. It's because I am using the matted blues theme and that icon is themed I believe.

jarobusa says:

Updated here with EVO 3D. New icon is there.

whitenack says:

Hopefully the notification update fixes the bug where the notification icon doesn't clear after some checked messages (especially ones checked on desktop)

whitenack says:


itch808 says:

Google employees are killing it today.

sremick says:

Two features I want to see in Google Voice:

1) MMS (!!!)
2) Easy way to return to main Inbox list. As it is now, you have to hit the "back" button, sometimes dozens of times, and even then it might not take you to the Inbox again and instead exit out of the app.

Channan says:

#2 was fixed with ICS. You can tap the GV logo at the top left corner to go back to your inbox.

myalover says:

Srsly, where is MMS support?

demontooth says:

I hope Ben doesn't see this post. It must be terrible having to talk to Rene all the time. I have an interest in all mobile products but his crap is so biased and he's such a troll I avoid the imore site now.

k2kool18 says:

Will this fix the grouping issue? Where if you start a new text, it doesn't continue the conversation with the same person

tim242 says:


icebike says:

It may be ugly but at least it looks different than Talk icon.

jedah says:

Nice layout. But, how about giving us an option to forward messages?

Channan says:

I like the new icon but it's too big. I wish Google would make it just a tiny bit smaller.

padilljl says:

I don't know if this is new, but now I can make a phone call from my Xoom. I don't believe I was able to do that before.