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Word on the street is that Google Voice is acting up for some of us today. TechCrunch says it's taken a header, but it's working fine for some of us here, while others can receive, but not make Google Voice calls. (For what it's worth, Google did tell TechCrunch "We’re aware of the issue, which is affecting some Google Voice users, and are working on a fix.") What about you guys? Any problems? [TechCrunch]

Update: The Google Voice Twitter account says everything's cool now.


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Google Voice reportedly burping for some (update: All is well!)


I have been unable to make any outgoing calls since at least 8am EST. Incoming work fine. Texts work fine. If I make an outgoing call the number called just rings in my phone, but the called number never rings.

Sprint EVO Charlotte, NC

All of my outbound calls ring and ring and ring....

I can get calls though. Also, txt msgs are working just fine.

Damn, I was trying to make calls today too and thought the people I called had voicemail turned off. It just kept ringing.

Yesterday early morning i had issues calling overseas. I have yet to try it this morning.

I got just continuous ringing. The other party apparently did get a ring on there end but when they picked it up it was just air..*echo*..air...*echo*



Sorry, off topic, but what do you use to get the battery percentage displayed on your notification bar? Thanks.