Google Voice is a great service, allowing a single phone number to ring several different devices at the same time. But sending SMS was like sending smoke signals, in having to wait 15-plus minutes for a reply to be pulled from their servers. (Though that was by default, and you could speed it up to 5 minutes.) Google posted updated the service, allowing inbox synchronization, allowing nearly instant messaging, and an overall performance boost. Another great thing is that they have disabled the SMS forwarding by default when this is selected, so no duplicate SMS settings to worry about, and they added additional features such as the ability to click on a contacts picture and respond to voicemail via email or SMS. Remember, this is still in beta, and requires an invite, so if you have not already, request yours here, and for those using it, this is a must-have update. [via Google Voice Blog]


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Google Voice App gets an update, so does its speed


This is a great update! I am using GV as my main number, and don't have a text messaging plan. I was having all my SMS forwarded to my email because of the notification delays, so I never really used to GV app for Android. It was a shame, because I like how it handles the threaded messaging. With this I don't have to worry about that any more.

Now they just need this syncing system for Facebook and my Android conversion will become complete!

Actually, for me the threaded messaging was one of the things keeping me away. I have yet to figure out a rhyme or reason to how it threads messages, and at which point it decides to start a new thread. Sometimes a new SMS comes in as part of a former thread, sometimes it comes in as a new thread, and my inbox has tons of threads from the same person. Confusing!

For me it appears to be grouped as SMS's from that specific person for each separate calendar day. Each new day starts a new thread.

I'm with you on that one. I was slowly, but surely, moving back to my Carrier number simply because SMS took so long to come to my phone via GV. This is a monumental upgrade, in my opinion. Now for MMS, and then I'll commit 100% to my GV number!

I have the MyTouch 3G 3.5 and this, nor the previous Google Voice app will work. My best friend has the same phone and same issues!

I've been using GV for about 8 months with the annoying double notices, but it's the only way to get instant notification. This is definitely improved but still taking 3 minutes with "Receive SMS on this phone" disabled. I'd rather get two notices immediately than wait 3 minutes and only get one. Why is gmail push near instant and yet this is still as slow as molasses? Is anyone getting faster messages than this?

Receive/Send Calls: Google Voice
Voicemail: Google Voice
SMS: Google Voice
MMS: Carrier

Looks like there is only one thing holding me back from going full-on with my Google Voice. This was a very much appreciated update though, thanks Google!