Google Voice

It's just a one-item changelog, but we'll take any improvements we can get

From the outside looking in, it doesn't seem like Google is giving too much time towards improving the Google Voice app or service, but it certainly makes us hopeful when we see an update arrive in the Play Store. Today's update has a single item on the changelog: "Improved the reliability of SMS delivery". Anyone that has used Google Voice for some amount of time knows that things can be a little shaky sending and receiving texts when in low or slow signal areas (and sometimes even in great signal areas), so hopefully this update addresses some of those issues.

As for the future of Google Voice, we can only wonder. In the meantime we know at least some amount of time is being spent over at Google maintaining the app. You can grab a download of this latest version from the Play Store link above. Noticing any improvements with the latest update? Let us know in the comments.


Reader comments

Google Voice app updated to improve SMS delivery


THANK YOU. I honestly have no idea why anyone who has a smartphone and pays for a data plan would even consider paying more every month for MMS service.

Um...That would be T-Mobile.

I have the $30 (formerly the Walmart plan) with unlimited text/mms and 5GB of 4G.

By that logic, what cell phone plan offers sending email for free? Whatever it costs for MMS is certainly less than the data portion of cell phone plans.

+1! And also, why can't Google figure out a better way to sync with devices instead of relying on the carriers. I'm not going to use some random number and make everyone that wants to text me use a new number. Sprint has great integration but not so much with any other carrier.

I only use the app to send text. Then I reply to the text I get back in the regular messaging app. When replying that way they see my text as coming from my GV number which is the only number I give out and I'm free of any weirdness from signal issues. So far I see/feel no difference in the update.

And everyone that complains about MMS...I just tell people to email or whatsapp or whatever else. Or stop sending me pics. MMS pics are terrible anyway.

All of my MMS's are forwarded to my email automatically. Not sure if this was something I set but I don' t mind it at all.

When I need to send someone a pic, I just upload it to ImageShack with ImageshackDroid and send them the link. If they need to send me a picture, I tell them to do the same or email. That minor inconvenience is worth saving $20/month.

My thinking is that Google collects a ton of data through Voice that it uses for speech recognition, so the service won't go away as long as Google needs it.

How would they do that with Google Voice? GV is basically a phone forwarding service that allows you to SMS over a data connection.

I was under the impression that Goog-411 was used more to train their speech recognition engines. I know you can choose to "donate" a voicemail to better the transcription, but that can't be a large portion of their model any more.

Cannot be true. Google's speech recognition is light years beyond GV's voice transcription services. GV's voice transcription is on par with technology from the 90's. I use both and know.

Google Voice is very handy when using it GrooveIP on my WiFi tablet. Texting is a different story all together.

How about MMS support, better voice mail transcription (Currently, it's terrible.) and fix the Play function (I have to press play several times before the audio starts to play.)?

I am still experiencing really slow/spotty delivery, even after the update. I love Google and have been using Voice for about 3 years now, and I'm honestly considering going back to using my carrier number because of Google's refusal to update (or at least inform us about updating) it, and because this app is really cruddy. The Voice app on iOS and the web platform both work great. It is ridiculous that the Android app is so unreliable.