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A quick heads up that the excellent new app to go along with Google's URL shortener (but not one actually developed by Google proper) has changed its name to, simply, URL Shortener — for the obvious reasons. The change also has allowed the app to return to Google Play after a couple days in limbo.

If you've yet to try it, the app hooks into your Google account and serves up stats on your shortened links, you can star links for easy access and easily create new ones.


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Google URL Shortener shortens name to URL Shortener


I actually would have left it as Google URL shorter so I know what url shortening service the app was going to use just by looking at the play listing seeing there are so many tiny url, bitly etc. It really doesn't bother me just some food for thought

This was done because it isn't an official Google product. The Play Store policy doesn't allow non-Google products to have the Google name because that could cause a lot of issues.

Agreed, I think a lot of us did at first. And it conforms really closely to Google's style guidelines, which makes it easier to confuse.

Makes sense. The first article that mentioned this gave the appearance that it was an official google app. Confuses a lot of people.

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The irony was not lost on me. A URL shortener, shortens it's name.

Not a Google product! I'll pass!

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