The last version of Google+ to roll out, while having some nice additioons with it -- also brought along some bugs as well. Google saw fit to go ahead and correct those for everyone and now v2.1.1 is available in the Android Market. You'll get the homescreen posting widget back, installation issues should be fixed along with some various other unmentioned bug fixes.

Thanks, Brian!

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Didn't bring back video uploads, but I guess this was a choice and not a bug even though they didn't document it anywhere.

deuxdoom says:

Someone give a downlink, APK ~

robaldred says:

Market link is in the post

jdg30 says:

Like most Google apps, it's not available in a few hundred countries. A lot of us have to wait until updates pop up on apktop or similar sites, which is I'm guessing why he was asking for a download.

rfmike says:

Make sure you save this to the phones memory if you want to use the widget. I've noticed if you save it to the sd you will not be able to use widgets with some apps.

BrianTufo says:

I'm so glad the widget is back! Plus my tip made it to prime time! :)

ybcthanerd says:

still no widget for me uhhhhh