Google+ update

Looks like a pretty decent Google+ update is coming down the pike, according to Google's Virgil Dobjanschi. Rolling out in the next day or so in version 4.1 is:

  • Easier switching between accounts. You won't have to sign out and then back in anymore. Same for pages you manage.
  • Better options for sharing your location. You'll get to choose just how precise a location you share with your circles, and it's done on a per-circle basis. So you could share the city for folks you don't know as well, and be more precise with folks you do.
  • Google Apps for Business. Finally supported.
  • Access photos and video from Google Drive. Maybe one day everything will live in one place. But for now, it's good to be able to get to them wherever they are.
  • Bye-bye Messenger, hello Hangouts. No great surprise here, and perhaps the bigger news is taht you'll be able to export all you Messenger conversation from Google Takeout.

Indeed, a good update. If you're not yet seeing it, hang tight. And if for some reason you've yet to circle us, we're at

Source: +Virgil Dobjanschi


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Google+ update will make switching accounts easier, improves location controls


Will the update make my friends use it? No...ok then, maybe in the next update.

(it's a damn shame too because the G+ app is light years ahead of the Facebook app.)

I think the biggest problem is that G+ came out years after FB. People don't want to post in two system "in the transition".

Same goes for Music. It's great, but if you bought $500 worth of ITunes, you just don't want to switch systems.

But I agree that only you (us, the user) can change that by force-using G+. If you go at your friends "hey you saw my post yesterday", they say "no" and you say "It's on G+". Then after a few times, they'll learn and go see on G+ as well.

Then friends of friends, friends of friend's friends, etc. Send them invites, post hate-status on FB! ... Ok maybe not, let's keep it clean.

Not being a spelling freak but I just found a little error from speed typing.

"Bye-bye Messenger, hello Hangouts. No great surprise here, and perhaps the bigger news is taht you'll be able to export all you Messenger conversation from Google Takeout."

I'm definitely looking forward to this update!

That whole sentence is a fail. Multiple typos, plus the basic concept is wrong. You you can't export FROM something, you IMPORT from it. And also I highly doubt you'll be "able to import from" so much as it will just import them for you. Period.

About time! I hope this time around they DO get rid of the duplicate Hangouts apps... I don't know what's been happening, but the updates to all of Google's products this year have felt quite half-baked, with more features removed than improved.

What I really wish is that they'd get all of their services unified, instead of having a bunch of redundant apps and fragments lying around. One can only hope.

Oh good. Something more to ignore about a product I've no desire to use. G+ may be technically superior to FB but I'm never recreating my digital profile unless there's a one click method to transfer everything over, and everyone else does it too.

Same! However not sure how long its been there but in the latest Google+ pick locations on the side menu and it shows you a map with your location shared people.

Missing stuff like request to update location but its not bad. Not sure how often it updates either.

This is probably been there since a few updates ago, but I just noticed. Also there doesn't seem to be a PC/Browser way to see users on a map yet....

Definitely missing location accuracy and location age, followed by browser view. and then a Maps layer. :(

On desktop, you can actually see the location of an individual user, on their Google+ page... but the implementation is awful, don't say I didn't warn you..

Finally got yesterday's update, and there indeed *is* location accuracy and location age, now! I'm almost not mad.... hah, yeah right.