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An update for Google+ for Android is bringing several updated features, most notably a new Google+ Stories feature. Additionally, the app is seeing several user interface improvements, and handy features like being able to create animated GIF images on demand and browsing big photo libraries. The Google+ app for Android has always been a worthy offering, and the latest updates make it even more so.

Here are some highlights from the change log provided by Dave Besbris, Vice President of Engineering for Google+.

  • Auto Awesome Stories now combine your photos, videos and the places you visit into beautiful travelogues called Google+ Stories. You can check out a sample of the automatically generated Google+ Story here — they look really impressive (though it'll look best if you take good photos and videos).
  • Auto Awesome Movies are now available on iOS and the web, so lots more people will receive highlight reels of their photos and videos. Here's one example.
  • You can now create animated GIFs and photobooth-style images on demand. Just tap the new plus button in Photos, and select either Motion or Mix.
  • Really big photo libraries are now supported on Android, so you can access your many thousands of photos quickly and easily.
  • You can now browse your entire photo library, as well as your highlights, by date. Just drag the new scroll bar to move forwards or backwards in time.

A handful of other improvements have also been included in this upcoming release, including a new navigational menu making it easier to switch between favorite circles and communities. It's also easier to share content from a phone or tablet, simply hit the new pencil icon at the bottom of the stream. Google has made some changes to profiles, which now display total content views on both Android and the web. Then you have the full screen experience.

It's good to see tech giant updating its Google+ app and we're sure many of you will enjoy the new features. Be on the lookout for when the app update goes live (here is the Google Play link), which shouldn't be too long now.

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Google+ update bringing beautiful Stories feature


yeah, i was just going to say - didn't many claim that google plus was going to get killed off (or at least just let stagnate)? nice to see new features like this.

Yeah, I was afraid they were going to stop trying to turn Google+ into a photo editor and actually add some useful features (like auto-muting posts with specified hash tags), but I see that whoever took over for Vic isn't going to drop the ball :P

Where is the chromecast support ? I was hoping the new photos section would finally liason with the Chromecast dongle.

"...including a new navigational menu making it easier to switch between favorite circles and communities..."

NO. i got this update already, and it is NOT easier. its a pain in the ass, the slide out menu was far more versatile, for starters because it was accessible from everywhere.

"the slide out menu was far more versatile, for starters because it was accessible from everywhere."

Wrong. It was only accessible from main screen. You couldn't swipe it out any where else.

That's true it wasn't accessible from everywhere, but i do find it was easier to use one handed... now i have to do a little swipe up to get to the drop down... overall i like the design, just will take a little getting used to is all

So much for that being the standard. Cue developers scratching their heads lol

Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App

Am I missing something or is there no way to get back to top of stream once you've scrolled down, except scrolling all the way back or refresh button in the menu which gives you pop up telling you to swipe down for refresh?

A blue toast message comes up stating new posts are available. You click it and it takes you to the top. I prefer it actually

No transparency? Looks nice though. Will have to play with it to see how it works.

Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App

I like the new design, but I'm wondering why Google decided to get rid of the hamburger menu. They will probably reveal the new holo at I/O though.

Posted via Android Central App

They need to fix the photos app they broke. I have to swap between that and the old gallery app to see what's what

Posted via Android Central App

Goolge+ will never be a thing. I love everything else they do but there isn't enough people using it

Posted via Android Central App

Correction. Google+ as a social network will never be mainstream.
The pieces of it(Photos, Auto Awesome, Hangouts) will certainly catch on eventually.
Posted via Android Central App

The second biggest social media site will never be a thing? It has not really hit mainstream yet, but it is great for following groups, entities and people you don't really "know". I leave Facebook for people I know and Google+ for everything else.

+1 same here. I also find myself on Google plus much more since the people that I don't know are much more interesting than the people that I do know. :)

Posted From a smart device.

I am sure Microsoft was telling themselves the same thing about Windows Phone a few years ago.

Like Metro, no one really likes Google+. I am annoyed that Google is constantly trying to rope me into using it. They would not need these strongarm tactics if it was appealing on its own, and they know it is not.

"Auto Awesome Movies are now available on iOS and the web, so lots more people will receive highlight reels of their photos and videos."

...and the web? In what way? As far as I can tell, you still need to use your phone to create an Auto Awesome Movie. I'd love to be able to use the desktop/web interface to do it, but unless I'm missing something, I don't see a way yet.

Hoping to get the update notification soon. Can't wait to try this stuff out. Although, I wonder. Will these things be coming to the Google+ web site? I know a couple of things are already there, but to create GIFs from the site would be nice.

The revamped photo app is the best thing about this update. There is now an option in the menu for "On Device" so you can see ONLY those photos currently on your phone as opposed to seeing everything that's also in the cloud if you're backing up your photos.

Google Plus is finally live and has come out with enticing features that offer immense benefits to the user, and the search engine giant is keen to get its share of social networking pie.

I'm late to the party, but recently I enabled backups of photos/videos on my android. Now G+ is creating Auto-Awesome photos and Stories that flood my notifications on G+, despite never having turned this feature on. I verified it's not enabled, yet I still get these confounded notifications. it seems Google is trying to funnel people over to Google+ in a nefarious way. It's not going to convince me to use G+ more, but rather turn off all notifications from G+.