Google Play awards

Lists are inescapable this time of year, and Google today announced the winners of its "Players' Choice: Top Google Play Apps and Games" poll.

The categories included "most addictive game," "best Google app" and "best franchise game," among others,  Some of the winners you likely know. Some might be your introduction to something new and special. Check out the list after the break, and be sure to swing by the collection on Google Play. And while you're at it, there's still time to nominate your favorite hardware and software in our year-end awards, too.


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Google unveils its inaugural 'Players' Choice' app awards


Or second, but whatever. At least you're adding to the conversation. Any trouble getting yourself dressed this morning?

INGRESS!!!! It's the single reason why I have significant weight loss while playing a CTF style game with interactivity in their media. Kudos to Google and Niantic for making what I believe to be the most unique gaming experience on the mobile platform.