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The official YouTube app for Google TV will be seeing a big update over the next few days, says Google TV product manager Jurek Foryciarz .  The update will make the app work "faster with smoother navigation", and also bring a handful of new features designed to make the app work better with the GTV remote.  While everyone with the slightly anemic first-generation device hardware will certainly appreciate faster and smoother, the new features look really nice as well.

The new "Discover" tab will allow you to browse YouTube channels by category, making new channels and content easier to find and preview.  That's half the fun of YouTube, especially on your big screen.  The channel pages themselves have been overhauled as well, making it easier to navigate through playlists and subscribe right from the channel page.  Specific functions for the Google TV remote have been added that allow scrolling through things like related videos, and the information screen where you can thumbs up (or down) a video and comment without leaving the page.  As a user who watches a lot of YouTube, this all looks really great.

Could this be part of the "big announcements" that coming up for Google TV?  That's a possibility, even though we all want to hear hardware news the software is just as important.  Maybe even more so when we're talking a set-top box, where entertainment and content is the focus.  We've been hearing about a big push for Google TV from the folks in Mountain View for about a year now, and it looks like they may be starting.  Bring it, I say.  Hit the break to see some more previews of the upcoming update, which will be available in the GTV Market soon.

Source: Google TV blog; via +GoogleTV

GTV Youtube appGTV Youtube appGTV Youtube app


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Google TV YouTube app update coming, faster and with new features


"That's a possibility, even though we all want to hear hardware news the software is just as important."

No, no we don't. No one cares about hardware. Unless that is Google suddenly announces they are dropping HDMI support in favor of the beloved parallel port. Do you really think a quad core processor is going to give Google TV a huge boost in usability?

What anyone with half a brain cares about Google TV is CONTENT. Tell me Google has partnered with a group of major content providers or move along and continue to be irrelevant Google TV.

A fix for flash would be really welcome and yes better hardware too. Play Amazon prime video smoothly in full HD would be great. Better more stable ESPN and other Flash fixes. More codecs for playback of movies. Native access to SMB/CIFS shares already on the network to avoid the abortion that is DLNA.