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Google TV starts to make a lot more sense once you've actually seen it. And Google's gone and sexied up its page ahead of this week's launch. (Logitech has an event on Wednesday for its set-top box). Give the site a run through, and keep this in the back of your mind: Android-based apps. On your TV. It's very cool. [] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Google TV site fires up ahead of launch


Very Informative Site. I always look for str8 forward ways to explain techie stuff to the average person. This website does a very good job.

I think this is gonna be awesome, hopefully they will lower the price to be more competitive. Cant wait for slingbox app for google Tv, gonna be sick. Then i can finally watch TV again!

Why not? Slingbox has a mobile app, all they would have to do is change it to fit the new screen, also, this would do the same thing that their failed slingcatcher tried to do.

I noticed on the screen where it says "Apps. On your television." It shows an icon for netflix. I wonder how this bodes for the possibility of a netflix app on android, isn't developing for google TV supposed to be the same? Meaning if they have a working netflix app on google TV, couldn't they just port it to android?

Just a thought, but i could be wrong.

They haven't really told us, from what I can piece together(and i might be totally wrong) but I dont think the Google TV runs android, I think that It can just run android like apps once the are updated with the correct google TV SDK. is Android, in fact Android 2.1 Eclair. The only reason they are holding off on apps till next your, not the ones that are already installed, is that they need to get the SDK straight for multi resolution platforms, i.e.., tablets, phones.

Of course, the bandwidth caps sort of make that all a moot point, No?

Even internet usage is capped by most national cable providers these days.

My local cable co has something like a 50GB cap, it's utterly pathetic. This is why I'm still on an overpriced 2mbps DSL line, even tho cable's like $10 cheaper and three times as fast, no bandwith cap on my DSL line. I can understand wireless providers implementing caps and tiered services, but it seems a little ludicrous for cable companies. If someone's pulling 500GB a month on your service and accounting for 90% of the use then just boot them, don't penalize the rest of your customers.

The only thing I find missing is will Google.TV allow you to stream your videos on computer's around your house? And if so what codec's are supported. So far Google and Logitech have yet to answer my e-mails about this query.


Doe's the Google TV box act as a DVR?
I canceled my dishnetwork and am enjoying over-the-air digital programming with a Tivo DVR to view at my leisure. Will the Google-TV unit provide a local and network programming guide with DVR?

Any word yet on availability outside the USA? With all the references to Netflix and lots of US TV channels in the screenshots it makes me think it might be along the lines of Google Voice and not crossing the Pond...