Fortune today released its annual list of the top 100 companies to work for, with a definite case of score one for Google. Sitting pretty in the top spot, Google is deemed to be the best company out there to work for. It isn't the biggest surprise, after all, this is the fourth time the folks at Mountain View have claimed top honors. 

What makes Google so great to work for? You can't sit someone at Number 1 without explaining why:

The Internet juggernaut takes the Best Companies crown for the fourth time, and not just for the 100,000 hours of subsidized massages it doled out in 2012. New this year are three wellness centers and a seven-acre sports complex, which includes a roller hockey rink; courts for basketball, bocce, and shuffle ball; and horseshoe pits.

In what we could see as a double whammy, while Google sits high atop the mountain in first place, the folks down at Cupertino had a quite different result in the Fortune 100. Apple, who seems to just print money, hasn't placed anywhere within the top 100. Just goes to show, making money doesn't always make all of the people feel good. 

Other notable, Android related, companies to place in the top 100 include chip makers Qualcomm, at number 11, and Intel at number 68. Besides topping Apple in the charts, all three also placed higher than Microsoft, who came in at number 75. See the Fortune 100 list in full by hitting the source link below. Oh, and for a little taste of just how awesome it is at Google, be sure to check out the video above. There's a slide, and there's Phil Nickinson. We won't spoil the rest!

Source: Fortune top 100

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ronzkie21 says:

Hire me Google!

ajac09 says:

I bet apple feels this burn and only fuels there anger lol

mwara244 says:

At the website where you rate your job/ employer, under Apple's section everyone who is employed by Apple hates working there and calls it a hostile environment, with minimal pay raises and no where to advance to calling it dead end jobs, no pun intended

mwara244 says:


jcastag says:

I am sure if they asked some of the employees in the Chinese factories, they would rate Apple as a great company to work for. :)

Darth Spock says:

they all voted for Google too :p

VDub2174 says:


khanh1289 says:

are you on Meth?! Foxconn is famous for being the place where people commit suicide due to work related stress

dante501 says:

I worked for apple and it doesn't surprise me. They brain wash u. Everything is THE APPLE Experience no matter if online shop costumer service or whatever ever it is called the apple experience. Wtf. Or telling u not to use any other devices. Well I always used in my time working for them never a apple for myself and even told costumers of they asked or were angry that they had to replace the I phone 5 for a couple of times because of all the issues I told them to might look in to different options and leave apple behind.

Kye Russell says:

You didn't 'work for Apple', you worked for Apple Retail...a completely shut-off division of Apple. You also sound like you put your Android fanboyisms above the fact that you were working in a sales role. I hope the manager that decided to hire you is fired for making such an obviously stupid decision.

arvind1983 says:

He did the right thing. He was giving his honest opinion. Of course the customers could look into other options if not satisfied with iphone 5. Seems like you are the fanboy here.

mullrat#WN says:

Way to go Googlers..

This is great to hear. It doesn't surprise me at all. Every interaction I have ever had with Google has been fantastic.


+9000 A few of the Google employees that I've met absolutely love their jobs.

You've obviously never had to deal with their retail customer service.

r121 says:

Apple slaves. Shame of living in Cupertino.

levelm says:

"Apple, who seems to just print money, hasn't placed anywhere within the top 100"

Best... Line... Evar!

BMW_Z8 says:

Sorry Apple but you are no longer #1. Google is top dog now and I bet that when you see that list and you are no where on it, I hope it just peevs you off that much more. GOOGLE FTW. Good work guys.

Kye Russell says:

If somebody took your reply, replaced Google with Apple and Apple with Google, and posted it, would you call them an Apple fanboy? I bet you would.

khanh1289 says:

then he'd be lying... cause the fact is Apple is no where on the list and Google is.. why do you troll?!

scaots says:

What number is Mobile Nations?

We have the best mobile OS currently available.
We have the best hardware currently available.
And - we're free, not locked in.
Everybody knows Android is a lot better than Apple will probably ever be; nonetheless, this childish Apple bashing is ridiculous.

When I read articles like this, I understand why some Apple owners believe we would just envy them.

vr002sh says:

I concur - I really feel that Android is the best OS and the hardware choices are better. That said, I bought my wife an iphone today, why you ask/, cause I am tired of providing tech support to her.

You wont catch me owning an Apple product (I used to, back in the early days, had a Mac+) I hate that they wont license their tech to Samsung, but feel they can just use Samsungs IP with no agreements. However they need to exist, there is a real market for folk who need their products.

My wife is on Apple too.
She hates a lot about it but since she's big in the advertising industry, she somewhat feels obliged to use Crapple.

sparkeater79 says:

+1 my wife rocks the iPhone while i wouldn't be caught dread in one!

en28so says:

Maybe google could hire me as an intern after I finish my computer science degree. :-)

Jonny Roten says:

To qualify for the list a company must nominate themselves and submit an application packet. Its more likely that Apple was just being Apple here and did not want to play along. Fortune doesn't consider the company without a nomination.

Wish it was different. But Google getting first place is still a veery big deal!

Hand_O_Death says:

That does not sound like Apple. They are huge on PR and I doubt that "Not wanting to fill out a simple packet" for free PR on one of the biggest bragging rights ratings a company could get, is the reason.

jmgnole says:

They did fill out the forms, and they had them hand delivered. Sadly, the courier used Apple Maps and well,...he was last spotted in the Outback.

bold1193 says:

Lmao! Beautiful hahaha

rits2011 says:

Holy crap! Although the joke is old, I wasn't expecting it here & I literally LOL'ed..

zuzonline says:

Apple owns the patent for #1 spot in every category in the world... Expect Apple to sue fortune soon!

valentino88 says:

Well in apple's case its the share holders that benefited not necessarily the workers or the working conditions unless most workers got a big piece of the stock options. Though I highly doubt new employees of the last few years got that kind of treatment. Employees during their near death days maybe.

In both cases, google and apple employees have one thing in common. They are both worked to death. Its just that google employees have a 5 star chef and a big play ground and the employees are of a different mind set. But you're still working yourself to death. There is a reason why those big giant silicon valley white buses run late at night between google/apple HQ and san francisco. I have lots of friends at both companies and they are mostly mega workaholics. The googlers are more fun and somewhat quirkie but in a cartoonish amusing way. The apple friends that I have are pretty intense in the apple mantra. Their facebook status is always full of positive apple in your face news and they are constantly injecting apple into every conversation. Its more than a little disturbing.