We already know that a lot of PC manufacturers are looking into Android as a viable platform for their netbooks. What we didn't know is that Google is now interested in seeing if Android is actually usable for netbooks. According to some reports, Google posted an ad on Craigslist seeking Netbook users to participate in a Google Android Netbook Usability Test. You'll get a NDA slapped on your mouth and a $75 American Express Gift Certificate for your services.

It seems that Google is getting serious into turning Android into a Netbook OS. The future of Android is going to be mighty interesting.



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Google Testing Android Usability on Netbooks


I for one am not that happy about this. Sure Android on a netbook is better then Windows XP IMO but still, I'd rather have a Linux distro like Ubuntu or better yet OpenSuse.
Android is for the mobile phones and that's where it should stay. I don't like the whole Java/Dalvik stuff and you'll need new software to run on Android.
If Android can get a decent integration with all those nice Linux apps. that are already out there then yes, I'd like to have it. But so far it seems crippled to me as it's not even capable of running native c++ apps.
Anyways being Linux powered I guess you could always just wipe Android and replace it with anything other basesd on Linux so it's still a good thing.