Google tasks mobile for Android 

There are a few good task managers in the Android Market, but I've been looking for a simple way to access my Google tasks lists.  Looks like Kevin over at Lifehacker stumbled across something that certainly does the trick.  Fire up your Android web browser and head to Google tasks mobile for Android [] for a slick web interface to Google tasks built just for the Android web browser. Does everything I want without all the overhead, and leaves precious app space for important things like Farm Frenzy.  If you're like me and just want a simple way to access your Google tasks, you gotta have a look.  [via Lifehacker]

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very cool

jimoshea says:

Hasn't this link already been available on the dolphin browser home page?

uansari1 says:

This has been around for months... It would be nice to be able to access Google Tasks while offline though, for those times when one doesn't have signal.

flapee says:

try gTasks from android market. Does offline syncing with google tasks.

csloomis says:

You can easily add a link to your tasks to your home screen. All you need to do is make the tasks site a bookmark. Then on the home screen you add a shortcut, then you select bookmark, and then you select the tasks bookmark. Then you get a nice shortcut right on your hone screen.

jjenson says:

I think the next step would be a widget to display this without needed to access the internet so you can view the items right away.

rufflez says:

read below. gtasks is free, but pure calendar widget isn't, but well worth it.

rufflez says:

I use gTasks because it works with pure calendar widget. I run two widgets, one for tasks, and one for calendar (Agenda). gTasks looks exactly like the mobile browser version.

Now if only Google would put some functionality into tasks. I want reminders, the ability to add it to my Google calendar...etc

csloomis says:

You can add the tasks to your Google calendar from the computer, but not from the mobile site.

I am slightly disappointed by this story since this has been around FOREVER... Comon AC!...

Anyway though... We need NATIVE GOOGLE EVERYTHING(Especially DOCS) in Android. Not sure what the hell is taking google so damn long

dgsinclair says:

Google tasks is so weak it's awful. No projects (though you an do lists, which I guess is good enough), no prioritization or weighting. I prefer ActionComplete.

Astrid + RTM + Pure Calendar = FTW. This is my current setup and works pretty good. I can enter tasks either from Astrid or from my computer and it all syncs great.

PhilE#AC says:

I haven't tried Astrid, but the gTasks+Pure Calendar combination works for me.

Wmorrison01 says:

Yeah, this has been around forever. The shorter link to it is from your android browser.

naalex says:

No offline access hampers this solution. I currently use Astrid as my task manager, which can sync with Remember The Milk, which has a plug-in for gmail. Everything works flawlessly. It would be great if there was a single solution, like if Google's gmail tasks had a dedicated android app, but the Astrid/RTM/Gmail combo works well.