Cape Agulhas, South Africa

Google has updated the imagery for Street View in 13 of their Street View countries, making for the biggest update of this kind.  Images for places in Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Romania, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom have been updated (I notice Germany is noticeably absent) with new high-res panoramic images.

Street view is fun to play with on a computer or Android device.  The above image is where the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Horn of Africa meet at Cape Agulhas, South Africa.  I'll likely never be able to find the time or money to get there, but I can at least imagine I were there right from my Android phone.  Using Street View is easy as pie.  Make sure you have it installed (we've got a download link after the break), open Google Maps and find a location then zoom in close enough to see its pop-up description.  Then click the arrow on the description and choose Street View.  It's a 360-degree view, so be sure to use your fingers to rotate around, and you can drag your "pin" along roads and paths.  Not every place will have Street View enabled, so move your map pin around a bit until you pick one up.  Google has a few great suggestions (including Cape Agulhas) at the source link, be sure to check them out!

Source: Google Lat-Long blog


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Google Street View updated with new imagery for 13 countries


I wish Google would tell us where they updated the US imagery. A majority of the US images are in a resolution or quality that is way under a useful level. Entire cities were done with crap on a lens!

Horn of Africa is in Somalia. Cape Agulhas is indeed in South Africa, part of Cape of Good Hope, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. Sorry to be a geography nit-noid, but them's the facts!

germany isnt listed in this because we are to scared to allow street view on a big scale. its not good that people know how your house looks! *endsarcasm*

the german citicens and even the government is giving google a real hard time about street view -.- guess that why they did not update anything in/for/from germany