Titan Aerospace solar drone

Google has another acquisition in the works, and this time it's not a mobile technoligies company. According to the Wall Street Journal Google will be buying Titan Aerospace, a company that builds high-altitude craft — ones that can take high-resolution images.

A few months back, Facebook was interested in buying Titan, but instead opted to buy Ascenta, a U.K. compay that also builds unmanned drones, for $20 million.

The purchase price was not revealed, but the employees will remain in New Mexico and the company will continue to be run by the existing leadership.

The WSJ tells us that the folks at Titan will work closely with Project Loon, which uses balloons to provide Internet signal to places with no transmission lines.

Source: WSJ


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Google snaps up Titan Aerospace, Google Drone to bring internet to the skies


Could this mean "no more dead zones" for cell phones? Who needs cell phone towers when these birds are in the air....

I hope this has the side effect of better imaging on Google Maps/Google Earth. Aerial images updated more frequently, and more detail in remote locations would be nice. There are still certain areas of the country/world where you zoom in and get a pretty blurry low definition picture. Not to mention the places where two images are poorly stitched together. There's got to be a way around that.

I'm waiting to hear the following annoucement

[Facebook| Google ] has purchased everything on planet earth for 5 Trillion dollars. Industry insiders say that owning everything on planet earth will help diversify their current market and protect against patent suits

Yeah. I love Google as much as the next guy but between them owning all my data, having all those servers, owning robotics and drone companies they are starting to scare me. If you have a friend named Sarah Connor protect her at all costs!

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What's funny is it's almost like they read the last book of the bible and are gearing up to be on the side of the Antichrist without even knowing it. I use tons of Google services, but eventually they'll take the "no" out of their famous slogan. Until then I love my Google, because I won't be around on the day everything turns.