Now this is cool. We know that no one really paid attention in Astronomy class yet everyone always looks up to night sky to see if they can identify any stars, constellations, and/or planets. It's just human nature, really.

But half the time we don't know the Big Dipper from Cassiopeia. Luckily, Google has got us covered. They've just released Sky Map, an Android application that tells you exactly what you're looking at in the night sky. By using a combination of GPS, sensors, and the compass, Sky Map can determine what part of the sky you're looking at and what the name of the stars are. It's really amazing.

Go download Sky Map from the Android Market for the low price of FREE today! We guarantee it'll amaze every one of your friends.

Hit the jump to see how Sky Maps works on your Android phone!


Reader comments

Google Sky Map Shows You The Stars On Your Android Phone


Sky Map has been avaialble for quite some time. It looks like Google just took it over. Great app for showing off the "gee whiz" factor of the phone and identifying stars, planets and constellations.

Sky Map always was a Google product - Google didn't 'take it over'. The previous app in the Market was a preview of the technology - this is just the first official release. (Check the credits in the about box on the "original" version).