This one's for all you astronomers out there. Google has just updated Google Sky Map to version 1.6. You were keeping count, right? The update brings two new features to the app:

  • Time Travel: Travel through time to view the sky as it looked in the past or as it will look in the future. You can also speed up time to watch events
    like eclipses and conjunctions
  • MultiTouch: Easily zoom in & out or rotate display using just two fingers
    on devices that support multi-touch input

Very, very cool. Download links are after the break. [Google] Thanks, El Jefe!

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briankurtz79 says:

Awesome! Oh yeah....FIRST!

ben dover says:

downloading now!

dachiefmizzy says:

Sweet update now we can see the last time all the planets were aligned lol

biggbrother2 says:

Wow.. pulled that old G1 photo out of the attic eh? lol

ottscay says:

One of my favorite apps of all time. And now it's better!

nivlac978 says:

Thought I was gonna slightly miss my, eff that phone. My new mistress is holding all my attention. 1 + 1 = 2.

dwt10 says:

everyone, goto dec 21 2012 and look at the moon, sun, and earth see of theyre aligned!!

JohnJSal says:

Anyone else have a problem after the update? When I tap on the app, it says "The linked program is no longer installed on this phone."

Edit: I tried moving it to the SD card and back to the phone and now it works.

Blueman101 says:

Why are they demoing that on a G1???

callderek#AC says:

Old school baby!