Google has released a new commercial for the Nexus 7, showing off the features of the device with games and media. While it's a bit of a reach in regards to battery life and Wifi range, it's really well done and puts a happy face on the new 7-inch tablet. We'd like to see more like this from Google. Have a look and see.

Source: GoogleNexus on Youtube. Thanks for the tip, Ben!


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Google shows off Nexus 7 in new commercial


Do you really?

Pet velociraptor? Might sting a little if it nipped you.

You should practice with a pet crocodile.

"While it's a bit of a reach in regards to battery life and Wifi range" backyards aren't much of a reach for WiFi or battery, are they?

The wifi on my galaxy nexus does well in my backyard. As for battery life, who knows probably ran an extension cord to the tent at night...

Haha, nice, I was wondering where his box of fully charged batteries and wireless hotspot was. It's A Twist! M. Night Shyamalan would be proud, and also jealous, because that was actually entertaining.

It tugged at the heart strings, which in opinion is the best marketing tool around! This commercial aims for the right age group, men who are in their mid 20's to early 30's.

Very appleesque. We all can agree that apple's marketing is top notch. Good job Google. Now just put that spot on tv

I really hope Google markets the fool out of this thing. Hopefully normal people will actually be able to name another tablet from memory besides the iPad.

+1 Please, God, make it so. I am so sick to death of hearing the word "iPad" I could just barf. I would prefer if companies and people could just at least say the word "tablet".

I guess I'm the only one turned off by the cutesy marketing campaigns. I'd rather it did list the specs to be honest. I don't know, maybe I'll hold off. I will say that after playing with one at Sam's, Jelly Bean is niiiice.

The average consumer isn't concerned with specs. They care more about what they can actually DO with the device versus a list of abstract specs that most people don't understand in the first place. The reason Apple's ads are so effective is because they showcase their devices actually performing tasks, entertaining, DOING things. People can relate to what they can see and touch.

They can't relate to "1280 x 720p, 8-16GB storage, 1.5GHz Quad-core Tegra 3 processor." That's just alphabet soup to normal people. It makes their eyes glaze over. But people can relate to seeing a father playing with his son and using technology to enhance the experience.

I don't want a 3G/4G tablet. That's just another bill and extra expense. I can do everything I need either offline or through a wifi hot spot from my phone.

I can't do everything *I* want to do offline with a < 8GB storage tablet and no SD card.... Just saying :)

Then get the 16GB version. And if you're so stuck on having a SD slot get something else and quit complaing.

Just saying :p

I would love to know how they got the GPS to work out in the woods. I dont think they needed a compass to navigate the backyard....otherwise its a great commercial. Plus, my N7 does kick ass!!

GPS works perfectly fine in Airplane mode even, I use My Tracks (a Google app) when I'm not home and guess what? I don't have a cellular plan I use data and phone calls on Wifi only. Mifi's would work great as well but no need for one to use GPS.

I was just thinking how does one get WiFi in the middle of the woods... then the ending came ... what a twist

get a Portable battery charger and enable you phone as a hotspot and your good to go, or camp in your backyard like they did in the video and you'll been fine the cheap way as well.

To every1 complaining about the limited storage capacity, look into wireless hard drives(WiDrives as some companies call them). That's how I plan to remedy the limited storage issue.